Lonsdale Gallery


Feature Exhibition, Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Addison Brown, Kris Sanford & Sara Silks

EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND! Exhibition on view until June 28th

PERCEPTIONS explores the power photographic images have to fashion and mirror identity back towards the viewer. Making their Canadian debut, American photographers Addison Brown, Kris Sanford, and Sara Silks offer an engaging look at the nuisances of how identity is mediated, constructed and performed. Don’t miss this exciting must see exhibition – extended until the end of June!

Addison Brown subverts the conventions of portraiture. Brown inserts himself as the subject of his images, performing multiple fictional personas for the camera. His sculptural multi-layered ambrotypes construct dramatic narratives inspired by cinema and film noir. Visual planes are suspended across multiple glass plate positives, acting as the stage for the intricate images. Occupying the position of both photographer and subject, Brown acutely exposes the fluidity and instability of identity by deliberately blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

Kris Sanford re-appropriates found photographs to explore relationships, evoking a sense of nostalgia and longing to the viewer. Her series Through the Lens Of Desire uses vintage snap shot photographs to examine relationships, real or imagined, through a queer lens. What makes Sanford’s photographs so engaging is the way she composes her images. The circular frame draws the eye towards the subtle points of contact between her subjects. She highlights the quiet intimate exchanges between the figures, while simultaneously capturing the universal desire to connect.

Sara Silks creates rich poetic images exploring the conflicting expectations placed on women in Western society. Her intimate experimental analogue photographs celebrate the simultaneous vulnerability and strength of the female spirit. Silks’ sensuous portraits transport viewers into a dreamlike space – resplendent with airy silhouettes, mudras-like hand gestures, and natural forms. Through the use of metaphor, Silks illustrates the journey of young women at the cusp of adulthood, through a contemporary feminist lens.

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