Patrick Carson: Walter Gretzky and Family


Painting Tribute to Walter Gretzky and Family

You Me Gallery, 330 James St. North, Hamilton, ON

Exhibition Dates: Until April 25, 2021
Exhibition can be viewed through front window 24/7

Patrick Carson worked up these paintings as a warm-up for the recent Brantford Public Golf Course competition to commission a portrait of Walter Gretzky (he didn’t win). He completed more than 20 versions of Walter, then turned his brush to Wayne, Janet and their daughter Paulina, the latter two fetchingly clad in swimsuits.

Carson’s style bestows the family with rambunctious edginess that’s absent in the mainstream media depictions of their well- publicized lives. Yet, Walter Gretzky’s characteristic amiability glows through the hastily laid brush- strokes. Walter knows his modest Brantford roots, as so does Carson. He paints the Gretsky’s with frank-hearted affection. The portraits are scampish, audacious…. and true.

Patrick was invited to exhibit his tribute to Walter and family in February at the You Me Gallery and then – unexpectedly the public heard of Walter’s passing on March 4th – and so the exhibit has been extended until April 25th.

Throughout the winter Carson had dedicated a trail along the river in Brantford to Walter, pinning photos of his paintings on pine trees along a popular trail, calling it “Pine Tree Gallery.”

Walter Gretzky and family (Wayne, Janet and Paulina) is on view through the front window of the You Me Gallery, a store front gallery in Hamilton (330 James St N.) Ontario, that during these times of Pandemic, has been converted to a window-viewing space, lit 24/7.


Patrick Carson has been painting seriously for the last 25 years. In 1994 Carson was in a serious car accident – breaking his neck in 3 places, his shoulders, arm, leg, head injury, and much more. At the accident scene, Carson had a life altering “out of body experience” and was (saved by an angel) as he was almost dead. The mending process demanded redeveloping his physical and mental self. It took him a year to recover from most of it. The accident made him realize how short and precious life is and how, it is important to follow your dreams and so he went to University (UBC Okanagan) and studied studio art classes, painting and printmaking for 5 years. After graduating in 2000, Carson have been travelling and painting people he meets – people that cross his path along the way – in many various countries under adverse conditions. Carson’s style? – some people categorize it as expressive – yet similar to “Outsider Art” – but normally “Outsider Artists” thrive in their own world with no formal education. “I am similar in many ways – quite bold and raw, full of life and energy – except I have 5 years of formal training.”

Carson’s quest for personal identity drives him out into the existing world of reality and inward into the subjective world of perspective experience, psychic imagination, memory images, dream after images and the subconscious. A BFA and self confidence was all he needed to begin his journey. Painting trips consisting of several months backpacking year after year throughout SE Asia. Carson says “the accident – has been my blessing. I learn my lessons from the people I meet and paint, along the road less travelled and these lessons have been my PHD, as the academic world can be so devoid of reality. I try and inspire and be a beacon of hope for many that venture out of their own inner world – and seek lessons that can only be answered by their own drive and conviction.”

Over the past 10 years, Patrick has set up various painting studios in Havana Cuba. His independant painting sojourns to Cuba twice a year, have produced an incredibly unusual and fond series of portraits of Cuban women and men. Patrick has dedicated his life to creating art, a quest for truth and beauty.


Patrick Carson – Instagram @artofpatrickcarson

Bryce Kanbara