OSA Member’s Exhibition of Selected Works 2020 – Online


Welcome to the Ontario Society of Artist’s annual Exhibition of Selected Works – ONLINE

October 1 – 31, 2020

Every piece presented here is a work of art that can be held in your hands and presented in a space. These works are by accomplished professional artists with accolades from across Canada and around the world; all are distinguished members of the Ontario Society of Artists.

Many of these works are for sale, and we encourage you to view every piece with that in mind. The price and medium are listed right under each piece. Note: NFS means “Not for Sale”.

If you want to see what a piece would look like in your home or office, please contact the artist and ask for a preview. If you want to be sent information about a specific artist, contact us and we will send you details. Email info@ontariosocietyofartists.org.

We are extremely proud that we are able to present this 2020 Members Exhibition of Selected Works. Despite COVID, our members and member volunteers have brought you a selection of high caliber art worthy of your attention.

Sincere thanks to Kim Atkins, Exhibition Coordinator; Cathy Groulx, Exhibition Chair; Alan Ray, Technical Guru; and Pat Dumas-Hudecki, Catalogue Graphic Designer and Editor. Without these four people, and the extensive work they have done, this show could not have happened.

The Ontario Society of Artists