Online Video Art Exhibition ‘You are invited to: Cities of Korea’

September 20 – October 13, 2021
Online at

Curator Talk with Nathalie Boseul Shin: October 13, 8PM (EST), ZOOM

The Korean Cultural Centre Canada is pleased to host various video art screenings, featuring images of cities across Korea, including Jeju, Incheon, Seoul, Daejeon, Gunsan, and Pohang from September 20th to October 13th virtually. This online exhibition is a part of the Ottawa Korean Film Festival (OKFF) entitled “You are invited to: Cities of Korea” that features artists’ unique perspective on cities and the urban environment. Collaborating with the Total Museum of Contemporary Art in South Korea, the OKFF features artists’ video works depicting urban structures and the stories of the people living in the cities.


Road Show: Pohang to Yeosu, Single-channel video, 00:30:09, 2017

Nathalie Boseul Shin, a chief curator of Total Museum, started a traveling project with artists under the name of ‘Road Show’ in 2011. The video work, “Road Show: Pohang to Yeosu”, depicts new aspects of the city, traces of its history, and the scenery of the city. With the journey beginning in Jeju, Minjung Kim’s “The red filter is withdrawn.” narrates the heartbreaking story of the Jeju April 3 Uprising, hidden beneath the beautiful nature of its setting. Passing through Byounglae Park “Zeboriskie Point”, it tracks the modern Korean history, centering on a small dock of Gunsan, ‘Zabo-Sun-Chang’. Then, the journey continues to “Daejeon Station” by Mijung Shin, where concerning the memories of Hagimoto Michiyuki. who lived in a railroad employee residence in Daejeon during the Japanese colonization of Korea, are portrayed. This leads to Jeamin Cha’s “Fog and Smoke”, and while other works describe stories of cities related to Korean history, Cha’s work illustrates present stories. The video depicts an abandoned construction site in the Songdo International Business District in Incheon, which had been halted due to the global financial crisis and an economic recession in the real estate industry. Through the story of the last fisherman in a new city and a tap dancer, different perspectives of development in the city are delivered. Lastly, Suwan Park and Sunggun Jang’s collaborative work “Cityscope/Microscape” is presented. Through the piece by Suwan Park, who has mainly worked on the distortion of architectural patterns through photography and video work, and Sunggun Jang, who was the bass player of the band ‘Bamseom Pirates’, audiences are able to travel through the landscape of urban buildings.


CHA Jeamin, Fog and Smoke, Single-channel video, 00:20:00, 2013

Furthermore, the Korean Cultural Centre Canada is offering a unique opportunity for the general public by hosting a follow-up event: a virtual Curator Talk with Nathalie Boseul Shin. In 1997, Shin started her curatorial career in Korea and in 2000, began working as a curator with an expertise of media art, following her career at the Nabi Art Center. Afterwards, she gained experience at the Seoul International Media Art Biennale 2004, leading the exhibition team as manager. She has been working at the Total Museum of Contemporary Art since 2007, and has engaged in various exhibitions and curated diverse art projects. In this unique engagement, she will talk about her 10 year-long project “Road show” and participated artists’ works in “You are invited: Cities of Korea.”


SHIN Mijung, Daejeon station, Single-channel video, 00:15:10, 2020

Moreover, virtual series of interview videos of the participating artists are available via KCC’s social media and YouTube channel. In the interview, Nathalie Boseul Shin states that “at the point where ‘Road Show’ stopped, I received an exciting invitation to the “You are invited to: Cities of Korea”. Though it is difficult to travel right now, I would like to share colorful stories of cities across Korea.” All video artworks and series of interview are available via the official OKFF festival website.


KIM Minjung, “The red filter is withdrawn.”, Single-channel video, 00:11:40, 2020

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