OFFCUTS 2: Hamilton Printmaking Invitational


the second Hamilton Printmaking Invitational

November 22 – December 19, 2019
Opening Reception: November 22 (7-10pm)

Smokestack Studio
270 Sherman Ave. N, Hamilton ON


TH&B (Tor Lukasik Foss, Ivan Jurakic, Simon Frank, Dave Hind)
Jordyn Stewart
Irene Laughlin
Andrew McPhail
Maria Simmons
Margaret Flood
Stephen Altena
Mariel Rutherford
Christopher Reid Flock

In the fall of 2019, Hundred Dollar Gallery and Smokestack Studio come together to invite artists with little or no printmaking experience to work for two days with Laine Groeneweg in the second Hamilton Printmaking Invitational, OFFCUTS 2. Experimenting in a variety of traditional and alternative mediums, Laine guides 12 artists in the production of a portfolio of work, at once innovative and traditional, to bring these artists’ own unique vision into the world of printmaking. The only rule is that their project must be produced from ‘offcuts’ or scrap materials at the studio. The results of these interesting fusions will be presented in an exhibition opening to the public on November 22.

Hundred Dollar Gallery is an art gallery in Hamilton Ontario whose price point of commercially available works is firmly maintained at $100. Founded in 2015 by artists Stephen Altena and Andrew McPhail, the gallery coordinates pop up art openings and events to support the growth of art collections for everyone.

Smokestack is a printmaking studio based in Hamilton, ON, that services the creation and delivery of art-focused print projects. Amalgamating the services of Smokestack Analog, Smokestack Digital, and Smokestack Presentation, the studio provides professional support to artists from start to finish: production through to presentation.