New New in Canada

30 Years of New New Painting

from left: Graham Peacock, Irene Neal, Steve Brent, John Gittins, Roy Lerner, Anne Low

New New in Canada
30 Years of New New Painting

Opening Reception: Saturday December 3, 2022, 2-5pm
Other times by appointment, please text 416-603-4111
Note: some of the artists featured will be present

THIS experimental installation of our NNP holdings includes new acquisitions by two Canadian artists: Jeremy Down and Carlo Amantea. They double the number of the original Canadian contributors (of Peacock and Drapell) to the U.S. artists: Lucy Baker, Steven Brent, John Gittins, Roy Lerner, Anne Low, Marjorie Minkin, Irene Neal, Bruce Piermarini, and Jerald Webster.

NEW NEW PAINTING is a spirited movement of serious artists against “newness for its own sake,” and against flippant nihilism of the day. It was launched in December 1992 by a large gallery on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. A hard cover book was the catalog to the exhibition. Many new exhibitions followed in museums and Art Fairs in Europe, North America and Asia, with seven catalogs and essays by well-known art critics.

This special movement had many adherents, but was easy to ridicule. The conceptual critics thought it was nothing new: “…we have seen paint on canvas before.” For the dutiful, pious artists it appeared to be a travesty of art, with decorative bright colours and tricks. We invite you to judge for yourself the artistic contribution of the New New originators—now widely imitated at many fashionable commercial galleries. – A.M.

The Museum of New does not have regular hours. It was founded by artist Joseph Drapell and poet Anna Maclachlan in 1998 to promote the art of the New New Painters. For a wider mandate, the gallery doubled in size to 5,300 sq.ft. with the addition of a second floor. Located in the heart of Toronto’s Queen West District, the venue is available to artists and curators who want to explore new exhibition possibilities.

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