NAISA Sound Channel March 2021


Newsletter for March 2021 (Vol.16; Iss. 3)
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art

1) Deep Wireless Festival extended
2) NAISA celebrates 20 years of Radio and Sound Art!!
3) Deep Wireless Installation Exhibition
4) Deep Wireless Online & NAISA Radio
5) Springscapes April 17 – May 31
6) Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art

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1) Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art

Extended to April 26, 2021

NAISA’s 20th anniversary edition of the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art will be extended to April 26, 2021. Due to lockdown measures still in place, NAISA’s in-person events have been unavailable (while online events happened as planned). Once the restrictions have been removed, NAISA will extend its Deep Wireless Festival to April 26th in order to allow for those wanting to attend the Story Trees exhibition in-person. In the meantime, please join us for NAISA’s 20th anniversary celebration launch on March 12th @ 7pm that will include online performances from the past and present. Featured online since January: Story Trees by Don Hill, the annual Art’s Birthday celebrations on January 17th, and audio presentations by Janet Rogers on February 6th.

“We are proud to be celebrating NAISA’s 20th anniversary with the launch of the 20th edition of NAISA’s Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art which will initiate an extended celebration lasting over the course of a full year of programming. The creative connection between listener and broadcast will be underscored throughout Deep Wireless with a complement of voices from the past and present — from direct creative participation to listeners mixing stories via their changing facial expressions — as well as from within Northern Ontario and from around the world. As in the past, the Deep Wireless festival is an invitation to make radio creative and compelling.” – Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, New Adventures in Sound Art.

2) 20 Years of Sound and Radio Art
with Anna Friz, James Bailey, Chris Brookes and Victoria Fenner

March 21, 2021 @7PM

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of both NAISA and the Deep Wireless Festival with new radio art works by Anna Friz and James Bailey as well as works from 2005 and 2011 respectively by Chris Brookes and Victoria Fenner. In between these works there will be reflections and discussions with the artists and others capturing highlights of NAISA’s history.

3) Deep Wireless Installation Exhibit

Story Trees by Don Hill
Extended to April 26, 2021, Thursday to Monday, 10am – 4pm
(once restrictions are lifted) NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 106 Ottawa Avenue, South River and online at
Pay by Donation

Story Trees is an interactive installation that serves as a tool for listening & learning — how we listen — to echoes from an era that is open to reinterpretation. While digitizing old reel-to-reel oral history interviews, Don was surprised by how things were said at the time in Northern Ontario. It wasn’t the content of the conversations that first caught his ear; it was the little asides, the nuanced bits of intonation, inflections of speech, as if northern Ontario had a different dialect way back when. As the towns and the province grew in population, he heard a shift in the patter. He also heard something – an emergent literary voice, a kind of wisdom – that wasn’t accounted for by words alone.

4) Deep Wireless Online & NAISA Radio

Deep Wireless on NAISA Radio
January 7 – April 26, 2021

NAISA Radio is an on-line radio stream playing radio art and sound art 24/7 from South River, Ontario. Featured Deep Wireless presentations include the following:

Nothing Like Us: radiophonies, 2014-2020
by Gregory Whitehead
Saturdays, 1 to 2 pm EST

Frequent Deep Wireless presenter Gregory Whitehead shares a selection of his radiophonic explorations, collaborations and celebrations with gratitude for the past twenty years of Deep Wireless, and in support of the next twenty.

Café Acousmatic
by Don Hill
Saturdays & Sundays, 2 to 3 pm EST

Café Acousmatic, produced and presented by Don Hill is a fine blend of electroacoustic music, sound art, and 3D immersive audio complemented by interviews with contemporary music-makers and composers.

Radio Art Live
Everyday, 10 am to 1 pm EST

A chance to re-experience NAISA’s Deep Wireless Festival performances from the past 20 years by Canadian and International radio artists.

Making Waves

NAISA’s monthly radio program and podcast for WGXC, 90.7 FM, Acra, New York can be accessed online and features replays and interview features with Deep Wireless artists.

Deep Wireless 15 Compilation
Launches March 12, 2021

The Deep Wireless 15 Online Album celebrates the 20th Anniversary of both New Adventures in Sound Art and the Deep Wireless Festival. The album is comprised of Radio Art performances produced for Deep Wireless by New Adventures in Sound Art between 2003 and 2018.

5) Springscapes

April 17 – May 31, 2021

Springscapes is a series of installations, workshops and live-stream events that highlights the dramatic changes that take place in the natural soundscape from winter to spring. NAISA Artistic Director Darren Copeland will hold workshops on live-streaming soundscapes on April 17 and 24 at 7 pm EDST in advance of a citizen-led 24 hour livestream event on May 1 called Reveil, which circles the globe with dawn chorus soundscapes from each time zone. Springscapes will also unveil a new interactive pinhole photography and soundscape installation by Sandy McLennan created with students from South River Public School.

Porch Radio
Launches again April 17, 11am-3pm

NAISA will once again present Porch Radio at the North Media Arts Centre beginning April 29. Porch Radio is an outdoor listening space on both the side and front porches at 106 Ottawa Avenue with seating for up to 6 people (in order to accommodate social distancing) where visitors can enjoy a take out coffee while they listen to the sounds of spring as part of NAISA’s Springscapes events – without internet, without computers, and in the open fresh air. Porch Radio will continue through the summer and fall with more curated content

6) Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art

June 3 – September 20, 2021

NAISA’s longest running festival will feature outdoor sound art exhibitions at the NAISA North Media Arts Centre and a series of retrospective online events that both re-visit past highlights of the festival and move forward to new emerging developments in sound art.

Audio Bench / bring your own headphones
June 3 to September 20, 2020, Thursday to Monday, 11am – 3pm
Pay by Donation

Works from NAISA’s second online Sound Travels compilation will be available for listening at NAISA’s two picnic tables outdoors. A headphone extension is provided for you to plug in and listen while you enjoy a take out beverage and/or fresh baked goods from the café at NAISA.

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