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Newsletter for June 2022 (Vol.17; Iss. 6)
Produced by New Adventures in Sound Art

1) NAISA Call for Submissions
2) Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art
3) Bodily Listening in Place Call for Participation
4) Sound Travels Exhibitions
5) World Listening Day
6) NAISA’s 20th Anniversary Online Video Collection

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1) NAISA Call for Submissions REMOTE CONNECTIONS

Deadline: June 16, 2022
Categories: Sound Art/Electroacoustic, Videomusic, Radio/Transmission Art, Installation Art

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) invites artists of all ages and nationalities to submit works on the theme Remote Connections for consideration in New Adventures in Sound Art’s programming in 2023. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was strongly evident in the ways that people connected or lost connections across long distances, whether to local or distant soundscapes, or between people near or far. NAISA would like to consider works that draw attention to these remote connections. Note: there is a $5 submission fee in order to defray the cost of processing the submissions.

2) Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art

June 23 – Sept 26, 2022
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 313 Highway 124, South River
Pay by Donation

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) launches the 24th edition of the Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art with new interactive artworks that explore the theme Bodily Listening at the NAISA North Media Arts Centre’s new location in South River. The festival also includes online workshops and presentations.

“The theme Bodily Listening is explored in this year’s Sound Travels festival programming in different ways. Ellen Waterman’s text score is an invitation to listen and perceive the environment with one’s entire body and not just the ear. This way of perceiving sound might be second nature or more nuanced for Deaf people but it is radically different for hearing people. Other summer exhibitions explore sounds through physical movement and interactions. Through the works being presented this summer, NAISA invites people of all abilities and experiences on a journey of exploration and discovery.” — Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, New Adventures in Sound Art

3) Call for Participation: Bodily Listening in Place

Workshops: June 19 & 26 @4PM
Presentation: July 17 @4pm
Info –
Workshop Registration –
Upload a Score Realization –

What does it mean to listen with your whole body? Music engages all our senses from touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound to emotion. Bodily Listening in Place is an instructional text score that invites Hearing and Deaf musicians to improvise in response to their environment. Ellen Waterman will guide participants in up to 2 preparatory workshops with improvisation and intersensory exercises. Participants are invited to record and share their interpretations on July 17 in celebration of World Listening Day. Hearing and Deaf musicians have much to learn from one another. An expanded concept of listening reminds us that music is for all kinds of bodies, however they sense the world. Workshops and the final presentation include closed captioning and ASL interpretation.

4) Sound Travels Installation Exhibitions

June 23 – Sept 26, 2022
NAISA North Media Arts Centre, 313 Highway 124, South River
Pay by Donation

Gong Show by Jesse Stewart
Gong Show is an outdoor sound installation at the NAISA North Media Arts Centre. It consists of a series of motion-controlled mechanically-activated aluminum disc gongs suspended in the support beams on the front of the NAISA building. The gongs are activated by solenoid strikers triggered by an iPad running motion-tracking software. As people move within the iPad’s field of view, the software detects their movement and activates the solenoid strikers.

Orbits by Mixed Metaphors (Jesse Stewart and Matt Edwards)
This outdoor installation features an interactive circular ball machine. Visitors are invited to turn a wheel on the side of the unit, which releases steel ball bearings that orbit its interior concave surface before disappearing down a central hole. The addition of contact microphones on the underside of the unit and signal processing enhances the sonic dimension of the piece.

More exhibitions and in-person events upcoming in July and August to be announced soon.

5) World Listening Day 2022 – Presentation of Score Realizations for Bodily Listening in Place

July 17, 2022, 4:00 pm
Online Meeting Location issued after Registration at
General $10, Students FREE, Optional Admission fee of $10

This World Listening Day online event provides an opportunity to experience and discuss the audio and audio-visual realizations made by Hearing and Deaf musicians for the text score Bodily Listening in Place. ASL and closed captioning included.

World Listening Day is coordinated annually by the World Listening Project. The theme for 2022, Listening Across Boundaries, was suggested by marine biologist and sound artist Dr. Heather Spence who states: “Boundary is left open for interpretation. So, it could be a physical boundary, a perceived boundary, a shifting boundary.” She challenges us to explore “ways in which we could be more inclusive in the way we listen.”

6) NAISA’s 20th Anniversary Online Video Collection

Revisit past Sound Travels performances at NAISA’s 20th anniversary video collection
on NAISATube.

New Releases:
Lunar Cycle by Stephanie Moore (with Adam Scime, Bass), recorded August 2015 at Theatre Direct’s Wychwood Theatre.
Kindness in the Ashes by Emilie Cecilia LeBel (performed by junctQín keyboard collective), recorded August 2014 at Theatre Direct’s Wychwood Theatre.
The Ghettoblaster Ensemble, Toronto Island Performance from August 2004.

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