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Call for Applications: MOTHRA

Child-Inclusive Artist-Parent Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island) October 15th – 21st 2019

Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island) will be hosting their FIRST TIME EVER child inclusive artist residency this October 2019. Yes, that’s right, the artists can (must) bring their young children and babies. What a novel idea! One day it will be the norm, but until then we have MOTHRA.

This Artist-Parent week long residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point (AGP) is part of MOTHRA’s ongoing Artist-Parent Project based in Toronto. Artists who are currently primary caregivers to babies or preschool-age children will be able to live and work alongside their child for the duration of the week.

MOTHRA will act as a catalyst to produce new work, skill-share, co-work and co-learn, collaborate, and create space for dialogue about issues relating to caregiving and artistic practice. We hope artists use this time for production, but also for research, and retreat. We would like to normalize the idea of having children present in the arts sector from the studio floor to the arts admin boardroom. We do not want to separate childcare from art practice, but to intermingle and celebrate the two spheres.

The residency includes sleeping quarters, large shared studio, facilitation, and programming.


MOTHRA is a collective which works to push the boundaries surrounding attitudes towards childcare, artist-parents, and the inclusion of children. We are here to acknowledge the parent/artist relationship, often overlooked in contemporary art, and to set a precedent that one can still be an artist and a mother/father/carer of a young child and that these roles can conflate. We are proposing a solution to the logistics of attending an artist residency whist being a primary caregiver, but we are also interested in how art can change when we include or collaborate with our young children.

Application details are here. Deadline to apply is August 11th. We look forward to seeing you on the Island!
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