Mothra: Artist-Parent Project

MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Project

June 14 – July 4, 2022
Meet and greet: Afternoon, Saturday June 18
Artscape Youngplace Hallway Galleries, Toronto

MOTHRA, in collaboration with Artscape Youngplace, is pleased to announce our first collective exhibition in the Artscape Youngplace Hallway Galleries.

MOTHRA: Artist-Parent Project hosts artist residencies for artists who are parents. Artists attend the residency with their child(ren) for one week. Our first residency was at Artscape Youngplace in 2018. We now call Artscape Gibraltar Point home.

This exhibition is a snapshot of some of the work produced by former artists-in-residence and their children.

As a collective we are interested in thinking about the tropes and stereotypes of what an artist is. We want to be part of a shifting to rethink the assumptions and biases in the institutions of art. MOTHRA is in the feminist tradition of taking everyday life and transforming art through that. MOTHRA borrows from feminist approaches to art practice, but we do not exclude others (i.e. men/fathers, carers).

A patriarchal mode of making art has dominated our lives as artists as it has throughout our culture. To be taken seriously in most fields you are expected to sever your links with personal relationships – such as family – in order to be successful. MOTHRA is attempting to push back against this. We are interested in how art changes when we admit to the relationships in our lives.

We need to prepare the artist-parent, arts funding bodies, studios, galleries, art venues, and society as a whole for the participation of children. A big part of what we do as humans is to care for others. This care should be acknowledged, should be visible, and should be rewarded.

Exhibiting Artists:
Neema Bickersteth, Sarah Cullen, Mary Dyja, Cherie Harte, Derrick Hodgson, Montina Hussey, Olga Klosowski, Meghan Monaghan, Kerri-Lynn Reeves, Allison Rowe, Kara Sievewright, Alison Thompson

With thanks to Artscape Youngplace and the Ontario Arts Council for their support.

Artscape Youngplace Hallway Galleries
180 Shaw St., Toronto ON

Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm
Saturday, 9am – 5pm
Sunday, 12pm – 5pm

Artscape Youngplace is an accessible venue.


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