Martine Côté: Filées | Travel Light


Filée #044, Lake Ontario, Canada, 2018

Akasha Art Projects is pleased to present our 10th Anniversary exhibition

Martine Côté: Filées | Travel Light

Opening reception: September 12, 7-9pm
September 5- October 5, 2019

At the heart of Filées visual language: time, motion and light. Côté pursues the latter, conscious of its ephemerality and its perpetual movement. Côté seeks to capture the essence and vibration of places, creating an aesthetic where emotion, invisible, becomes perceptible. One plunges into the image and its abstraction as one plunges into oneself, thus contemplating an introspective place. Pensive and meditative Côté’s images blur the lines between photography and painting.

Born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 1981. Martine lives and creates in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She completed her studies in saxophone at Conservatoire de musique de Québec before achieving a bachelor’s degree in business in Canada and France that opened her to the world of communications where she developed a critical eye vis-a-vis the image and the message. Photography is a natural continuation. Through her work, she developed a rigorous approach to photography with, on site, an interest in documentation and data gathering, which led her to explore and create photographic typology collections.


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