Martha Street Studio Speakers Series: Virtual Artist Talk with KC Adams

Martha Street Studio Speakers Series // Virtual Artist Talk with KC Adams

Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 1pm CDT
ASL interpretation will be provided, along with live captions.
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Martha Street Studio is thrilled to present a new series of artist talks, taking place virtually every Sunday afternoon, between March 13th and April 10th. A new artist will present their work, passion, influences and ideas about art and life each week. The talks are all free and streaming via Zoom. If you miss any of the talks live, you can check them out later on our website:

In addition to the talks, a series of free, limited edition risograph and screen print posters will be produced in collaboration with the studio and participating artists. These posters will be distributed across Canada in the coming months.

This series is made possible thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts – Arts Across Canada.

Artist Bio

My inninew name is flying overhead in circles eagle woman, my professional name is KC Adams and I am a relational creator, a term used for people who make art that connects to Indigenous worldview. I am also an educator, activist and mentor. I specialize in social activist art and my focus is on the dynamic relationship between nature (the living) and technology (progress). I create work that explores technology and how it relates to identity and knowledge. My process is to start with an idea and then choose a medium that best represents that thought. I work in video, installation, drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, welding, printmaking, kinetic art, adornment art and public art.

Artist Statement

KC Adams will be speaking about her past work Gage’gajiiwaan (Water flowing eternally brings people together), from her 2020 solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Western Manitoba, as well as providing a preview of her new work for her upcoming solo exhibition at the C2 Centre for Craft. Gage’gajiiwaan reflects on the relationships between ancestral knowledge, memory and the sacredness of water. Using a variety of media, including copper, pottery and “birch bark technology,” the exhibition is a visual reminder of the knowledge bundles (traditional teachings) that are passed onto the next generation of life givers and water protectors. Mazes of digital circuit boards along swaths of birch bark reveal the dynamic relationship between nature and technology; copper and clay pottery, created using ancestral methods, reflect traditions of caring for water. The exhibition asks: How can traditional ways of being in relation with water guide relationships to water in the future? Can ancestral knowledge systems inform new technologies of caring for water in Indigenous communities? In the context of limited access to safe drinking water in too many First Nations communities, calling attention to the inherent sacredness of water is critically important. KC Adams shares her ongoing personal endeavour to recall lasting pathways of blood memory and transmit knowledge of traditional relationships with water for future generations.

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