Lynne McIlvride: what folly I commit, I dedicate to you

what folly I commit, I dedicate to you, 2023, acrylic on carved basswood, 2’ x 4’

what folly I commit, I dedicate to you
Lynne McIlvride honours Kenneth Welsh

April 7-9, 2023 | 1:00 to 5:00 pm
and by appointment April 5-10, 2023
14260 Marsh Hill Road, Port Perry

Lynne McIlvride’s annual Easter weekend solo exhibition at her studio in Utica Ontario will take an even more personal turn this year as it honours the recent passing of her partner, actor Ken Welsh. She has taken the medium of carved painted basswood relief to explore the themes of care-giving, compassion and the holiness of the body. As the title suggests (what folly I commit, I dedicate to you), this new work surprises with a teasing humour and Lynne’s trademark joyful colour which temper the gravity of her themes and nod to the character of her subject. Most of these painted carvings are developed out of a series of 50 sketches Lynne did in the last two months of Ken’s life. Also showing are several series of linoleum prints loosely based on the same subject.

This show is a spring tradition to many. Older work will also be on view as Lynne continues to blur the line between art and her environment.

Ken Sleeping, 2022, acrylic on carved basswood, 1’ x 3’

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14260 Marsh Hill Road, Port Perry, ON L9L 1Z2
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