Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh

Lobby Cam as a free download from Steam

An eccentric man discovers an unlikely channel on his TV. Find his torn up diary pages to piece together the story. This is an immersive short story that is part of a larger narrative created by the artist Bryn Oh over the last decade. The whole story spans 120 years and most chapters reside in virtual worlds. Bryn wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts for their generous support.

In this experience you will walk the environment in first person clicking on diary pages you find strewn upon the landscape. The pages will be stored in a journal which you can refer to in order to understand the full narrative. With each page you find more of the narrative is revealed.

Download Lobby Cam here.

About the Artist
Born in Toronto, Bryn Oh attended the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) and studied Fine Art Drawing and painting, receiving the George A Reid award for painting. Subsequent to that the artist attended the Toronto School of Art as well as Seneca College studying computer animation. After OCAD the artist became represented by XEXE gallery in Toronto later known as KWT Contemporary. Bryn’s oil paintings are collected internationally. In 2007 Bryn became interested in creating immersive environments in virtual reality spaces as a new media artist known as Bryn Oh. Since then Bryn’s work has featured in magazines such as Vogue, in movies and in galleries and museums worldwide.

Exhibitions include the Jewish museum in Berlin with European director Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddeke, Manege Museum in Moscow, Russia, “Danse Macabre” with Peter Greenaway in Basel, Switzerland, the 17th Biennial of Cerveira, World Expo in Shanghai (Spanish pavilion) Nuit Blanche in Toronto and others. Bryn’s work is part of the curriculum for several colleges and universities with a course on Bryn’s work at York University taught by Dr. Caroyn Steele. Bryn has received four new media grants from the Ontario Arts Council and a Canada Council for the Arts grant.

Bryn Oh also created a virtual environment to help heal soldiers with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as a commission for the United States military.

Artist Statement
Bryn Oh’s artistic focus is in the way modern society is affected by technology, ranging between human/machine and machine/machine relationships. Often we consider technology to open channels for people to interact and engage socially, however, the opposite can occur where people become isolated within their own personal bubble, separate and witnessing the world from a distance almost as a product with brittle popularity. Bryn’s work expresses a yearning for meaningful connections within the new technological realm that often contains human remoteness. Bryn builds virtual reality environments that convey the juxtapositions between human emotion and machine sentience. I combine poetry with a melancholy narrative that explores the themes of connection and belonging.

For more information: BrynOhhh@gmail.com