Living with Concepts Micropublication

Tania Willard, Liberation of the Chinook Wind. Commissioned by the Blackwood for The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea. Presented at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus, 2021–2024. Photo: Toni Hafkenscheid.

Contributors: Danielle Boissoneau, Ella Finer, Nicole Latulippe

Now online! A new micropublication to accompany Living with Concepts, an exhibition in campus spaces at the University of Toronto Mississauga. In this free publication, essays by Danielle Boissoneau, Ella Finer, and Nicole Latulippe expand on the contexts, themes, and sites that animate each of the artworks included in Living with Concepts.

I hear sounds like fireworks, like rising comets, blooming as palm trees with glittering arms, birds loud behind rising sighs of submarine bodies, surfacing as daylight reddens the darkness I hold shut behind closed eyes. The air turns to water and the ground gives a little, and a breeze at my elbows moves on into trees, then out over ice, and under, falling into an acoustic night with its large and limitless sky meeting the sea, the lake, the river, the forest…
—Ella Finer, “The Sea in the Forest,” Living with Concepts, 10.

This publication brings additional interpretation to artworks by Dylan A.T. Miner, Tania Willard, and Jana Winderen that were first installed at UTM in summer 2021: Nicole Latulippe considers responsibilities and accountabilities in Willard’s Liberation of the Chinook Wind; Danielle Boissoneau reflects on rematriation and personal histories in response to Miner’s seven platforms; and Ella Finer considers site, acoustics, and listening through Winderen’s Spring Bloom […]. The booklet also includes a campus map and installation documentation.

The Living with Concepts micropublication is available for free download as a PDF on the Blackwood website, and free print copies will be available for pickup on campus in mid-November. Visit the Blackwood website for pickup locations and updates on availability for print copies.

About Living with Concepts
Three-year exhibition in campus spaces, 2021–2024

Dylan Miner, Agamiing – Niwaabaandaan miinawaa Nimikwendaan // At the Lake – I see and I remember. Left: full view. Right: detail. Commissioned by the Blackwood for The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea. Presented at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus, 2021–2024. Photos: Toni Hafkenscheid.

Artists: Dylan A.T. Miner, Tania Willard, Jana Winderen

Curated by Christine Shaw

Since 2021, the Blackwood has presented Living with Concepts, the first cycle in an ongoing exhibition series presented in public spaces, primarily outdoors, on UTM campus. With the support of the University of Toronto Mississauga, over a three-year period installations by contemporary artists animate the campus. These artworks respond to the context of the site in Mississaugas of the Credit territory (Treaties 22 and 23, 1820), engage the university community, and activate open spaces to foster educational encounters across disciplines.

First presented during the Blackwood’s unprecedented 2018 contemporary art festival The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea, three installations have been reconfigured to span ten sites across UTM campus. Engaging themes of environmental crisis, climate change, and resilience, artworks by Dylan A.T. Miner, Tania Willard, and Jana Winderen provide multi-sensory experiences which attune us to the local environment; reflect on histories and futurities; and bridge international ecologies.

Throughout the three-year exhibition, each of the artworks are shaped by the campus: Miner’s platforms will be used for regular public programs and events; Willard’s wind poetry responds to local weather data; and Winderen’s audio composition is played at different times seasonally to respect animal migrations and mating cycles.

See the Blackwood website for project descriptions, installation views, and interpretive videos.

Living with Concepts is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, University of Toronto Mississauga, and the UTM50 Anniversary Fund, established to showcase the innovative, collaborative spirit of UTM. The initial presentation of these artworks was funded in part by the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter Program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.


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Please note: Living with Concepts is FREE and open to the public across UTM campus. Some movement throughout the campus is required—ramps and curb cuts are in place.

Please respect public health guidelines while on campus.

Image descriptions: 1: A flatscreen TV hangs vertically on a concrete wall on UTM campus. Onscreen is a poem titled “Sunlight” and dated 6/15/2021 generated by local weather data. The poem is in white over a gradient backdrop in blue and orange. 2: Side-by-side images of a wooden platform with copper edging. At left, it is installed in a grassy area in front of the forest, with trees casting shadows on its surface. At right, a detail image shows a copper nail, traces of sap and slow decay of the lumber.