Little You Anime Collaboration Program

3D Print Fashion Figurines with Little You

The art world develops quickly; with new trends, movements, and artworks emerging daily, many artists who deserve recognition may be forced to remain in the shadows because of the rapid rate of change.

These artists are skillful, and they have what it takes to be known for their unique art pieces. But they always fall behind even when they have an extraordinary portfolio.

Many avatar-creating companies are starting to enhance their collaborations with various fashion brands to increase their recognition. Just like them, Little You has taken it upon themselves to create a platform from a partnership that allows artists to get more exposure freely.

What is Little You?

Little You is a unique game that attempts to inspire youngsters to be creative by allowing them to use their imaginations to create unique custom-made anime figures that can be produced in 3D and delivered to your door.

The program offers a completely personalized experience, with the construction and design of their avatar, from modeling and coloring to physically accessorizing the characters, as a unique choice for youngsters to kindle their urge to discover and create something unique.

The game is tied to a reward system, which relies entirely on various points obtained in multiple ways. In addition, the incentive system allows youngsters to have their 3D creations printed for free.

Christina Guo came up with the idea while studying at OCAD University, which she idealized and expanded. As an artist who believes in the value of creativity and viewing the world through a kid’s eyes, she works hard to offer many possibilities for children to develop social skills while also bringing families closer together.

Little You and the Partnership Program

Little You has achieved the impossible by launching a partnership program to help artists gain more exposure for their unique work. Not only artists but many schools and organizations will benefit from the marketing, distribution, and state-of-the-art products offered.

This partnership ensures that artists and organizations can take their business to the next level. Little You’s ability to take advantage of revenue sharing, brand exposure, and creative support can easily be attained by reaching a global audience and getting beneficial results.

This partnership will enable you to design your artwork, and relative marketing will ensue be taken care of by Little You. They will take on the responsibility to get your brand recognized by the audience you prefer.

Little You is not the only one launching such a great partnership. Bitmoji and Genesis also partner with artists, to engage their creations and their partner’s work.

Fashion Brands Partnering with Bitmoji

Snapchat aims to stay competitive within social networks, so it announced a partnership program with high-end fashion designers.

Snapchat worked with Ralph Lauren and Jordan Brand back in September on their app and Bitmoji app, Snapchat’s secondary firm.

Ralph Lauren collaborated with Snapchat to build a virtual wardrobe for Bitmoji, an app that allows users to create avatars of themselves. The relationship began with Ralph Lauren’s branded clothes, which Bitmoji users will be able to style their avatars. This was the first collaboration between Snapchat and the Bitmoji app.

They also collaborated with Jordans Brand for their new Air Jordan Bitmoji Collection. This enabled Snapchat users to customize their Bitmoji avatars with the apparel featured in the Jordan collection.

Snapchat currently launched its third fashion partnership with Levi’s, including releasing a selection of Levi’s goods that customers can use to outfit their virtual Bitmoji avatars or buy in real life to adorn themselves.

As of October 2020, Snapchat has an active user base of 100 million monthly users. This means that Snapchat is slightly behind other social media platforms. However, their collaborations enhance their brand partnerships and advertising dollars. This helps to monetize the audience it already has.

For example, initially, Snapchat only could allow its users to change their Bitmoji avatars entirely. Now, they can mix and match their outfits in whichever way they want. This enables their audience to stay active for a more extended period on their app.

Genies Works Together with Gucci

Genies is a creative firm that has used powerful AI to develop the first smartphone app that intends to facilitate avatar-to-avatar conversations.

This service encourages its users to construct 3D motion picture quality clones of themselves. The app provides around one million customization options. You can change everything from personality types, and likes and dislikes to skin tone, eye and hair color, and apparel.

Genies are linked to dozens of messaging programs like Whatsapp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. Their users can chat in a maximum of six groups with their avatars. The scientists behind Genies worked hard to ensure that these avatars represent human emotions through a conceptual model.

This enables our avatars to change their facial expressions and movements by mimicking us. All they require is to tap any of the unlimited actions offered, which could be a sensation, thought, or emotion. The CEO, and Co-founder of Genies, Akash Nigam, believes that this is a unique and innovative way that can permanently change the course of human interaction.

Gucci is the first fashion brand that has collaborated with the Genies app. It provides them with their luxury avatar wardrobe. Users can customize their avatars with real-life Gucci collections and pick from various Gucci-themed actions. Users will soon be able to secure products shown on their friends’ avatars using the mobile app.

Akash Nigam feels that this collaboration appeals to Gen-Zers and millennials searching for additional ways to express themselves digitally and marketers looking to attract young buyers online, something that the epidemic has only intensified. He believes they are hungry for that next level of expression that will take them to their authentic selves.


If you are an artist who has been shying away from the opportunity to present yourself through your artwork to the public, you can join hands with Little You and get the recognition that has been long deserved.

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