Liane Odze-Silver: It’s just paint

Liane Odze-Silver, Higher Ground, 2023, oil pigment stick on canvas, 52 inches x 64.5 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

It’s just paint
Liane Odze-Silver

April 24 – May 12, 2024
Public Reception: Saturday, April 27, 2024, 2:30 – 5:30 pm | Artist in attendance
Gerrard Art Space, Toronto

Exhibition Statement

Liane Odze-Silver makes these works with large oil pigment sticks. Liane stumbled on this way of working because she didn’t want to work with solvents anymore and she wanted to still use oil-based colours on unstretched canvas as she has done for years. She has continued to ask herself whether these are paintings or drawings and has decided that it is nice to say that they are neither, not drawings, and not paintings, but something in between, like a bridge, from one to the other and vice versa; although she also has the luxury of calling them either. And, as Liane works, they are both, or neither, or either. She applies the principles of both kinds of mark making, the best of both worlds.

Liane has discovered that the opportunity to push around pigment has opened a new vista for her, the discovery of making the image subservient to the push and pull of her pigment, and also the necessity to make the image gain traction by making the pigment subservient to the clarification of the image. It’s like a friendly war on “space” that excites her sensibilities as an artist.

It wouldn’t be honest if Liane Odze-Silver didn’t say also that she is driven by her concerns about our world, and not just her fascination with flat space and how to apply colour to it, as her exhibition title suggests. She is propelled to conceptualize, in image making, notions about movement, companionship, conflict, absurdity, catastrophe, and tenderness, all of which you see here, she hopes. Liane sees the world and yet she still pushes around paint. To her this is both complex and facile, but she has always been given to paradoxes, so Liane doesn’t mind this problem at all.

Artist Biography

Liane Odze-Silver is a Canadian artist who works in painting and drawing. A graduate of OCAD, Liane had a solo exhibition at Workscene Gallery in Toronto and then went on to be part of an exhibition called Diverse City, Contemporary Works by 26 Artists which received a Canada Council Explorations Programme Grant and a Toronto Arts Council Grant. Liane exhibited her work between 2010 and 2011 with the Gallery Moos Ltd Contemporary Art Programme and then between 2011 and 2013 with artProfile. A Juror’s Award from the Art Gallery of Peel (Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives) in the 30th Annual Juried Exhibition followed a solo exhibition at the Campus Gallery, located at Georgian College. Liane has participated in numerous exhibitions and juried exhibitions and exhibits her work regularly in solo exhibitions at Gerrard Art Space, in Toronto, where she is an Artist Member. Liane’s ongoing concern with conceptualizing specificity and transposition to the universal is evident in her exhibitions.

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Gerrard Art Space
1475 Gerrard Street East
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Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 2 – 7 pm
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