Learning From the Local: Curatorial Incubator Program #3 at Niagara Artists Centre

Cool, Michael Achtman, 1996

Vtape and NAC present:

The Curatorial Incubator, v.18: Learning From the Local
Program #3 – What Do You Mean You Don’t Love Me? Or, How to Stop Worrying and Get in the Tub

This year, Vtape has invited the Niagara Artists Centre (NAC) to join us for a joint Curatorial Incubator.

Niagara Artists Centre
Screening in the Microcinema: Wed 25 January – Sat 25 Mar 2023
Gallery Hours are: Wed-Fri 12pm-5pm + Sat 12pm-4pm

Learning From the Local concludes at NAC with Delilah Rosier’s program What Do You Mean You Don’t Love Me? Or, How to Stop Worrying and Get in the Tub at NAC in person, March 8 – March 25, 2023, Wednesday – Friday, 12-5, Saturday 12-4pm.

On Vtape Saturday January 28, 2023, Vtape presented the three programs in an all-day marathon screening that was very well attended.

What Do You Mean You Don’t Love Me? Or, How to Stop Worrying and Get in the Tub
Curated by Delilah Rosier

1. Michael Achtman
Cool, 1996, 9:39

A poetic monologue on longing, loneliness, vulnerability, desperation, old habits, and new ways. Through Toronto subway platforms and back alleys, Cool takes turns following the solo adventures of a newly single drag queen and a young gay man.

2. Yudi Sewraj
Apartment Theory ,2001, 6:30

Pick up a culinary or home improvement hack while witnessing an anonymous duo prepare for a plunge into isolation, privacy, release, and absurdity on a grey winter day. Scored with white noise, Apartment Theory offers an entrance into a domestic landscape with a twist.

3. Blake Williams
Ladybug Video, 2009, 1:50

While at the beach in the summer of 2009, filmmaker Blake Williams encountered a ladybug. With an ambient soundtrack of crashing waves and calling gulls, Ladybug Video features care and curiosity and leads us in an intimate and gentle dance with a new friend.

4. Lesley Loksi Chan
Traveling To Tuesday, 2007, 23:13

Weaving through rituals, routines, and time, from the office to the lake and the shops in between, Traveling To Tuesday offers viewers a slice of the life of a dutiful, crafty young man with an ambitious plan.

5. Rachel Echenberg
Conversation with my Adult Daughter, 2020, 3:00

From the video series Conversations with my Family, Conversation with my Adult Daughter is a durational performance in which a daughter is held by her mother. Insects and birds inhabiting the lush forest immerse us in a soundscape of chirps and calls.


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