Laurianne Simon: The Parrot’s intrigue


The Parrot’s intrigue

Exhibition by Laurianne Simon

Visible from January 6 to January 30
Special night with the artist on January 24 at 6PM

Have you ever paid attention to parrots? To how complex they are? You must have already laughed when they start mimicking a human voice. Or you might have already been surprised when you realize they can actually do other animal’s sound. A parrot is more than a regular bird. This is what The Parrot’s Intrigue explores through paintings and masks.


Laurianne Simon creates a link between the parrot, the mask and… the truth. The title of the exhibition pays tribute to James Ensor’s Die Intrigue, a disturbing artwork in which masks hide people’s faces, while revealing their true nature (grotesque and comic). In Laurianne Simon’s exhibition, the parrot also becomes a mask carrying the truth about human beings. The birds look at you and make you ask yourself existential questions.

The birds, roosters or parrots, have been important in Simon’s work since 2012 but lately, they turned into a “metaphor for human beings”. Yet she also casts an amused eye on her own work. She likes to think that her parrots must also be asking themselves: “But what the hell am I doing here? What the hell am I doing here?” And Laurianne Simon adds, with a smile: “Isn’t that something we’ve all asked ourselves at some point?”

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Discover The Parrot’s Intrigue at Alliance Française Toronto, 24 Spadina Road.
Visible from January 6 to January 30. Special night with the artist on January 24 at 6PM.

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