Last chance to see Earth Oracles

Earth Oracles installation view

Earth Oracles

Until June 25, 2022
Mayten’s, Toronto

We are now entering the last 4 days of Earth Oracles being on view and we do not want you to miss out on this amazing collection curated by Lindsay Montgomery and co-curated by Farnoosh Talaee featuring works by Marissa Alexander, Laurent Craste, Shannon Goff, Roxanne Jackson, Sasha Koozel, Nick Lenker, Lindsay Montgomery, Suzanne Nacha, Sharon Norwood, Erin Smith, Charles Snowden, Dirk Staschke, Sami Tsang, Laurence Veri and Linda Sormin.

Earth Oracles opened March 22nd, 2022 and runs through June 25th, 2022.
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Recorded Panel Discussion

The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by panel talk featuring selected artists and curators, and was hosted by the Gardiner Museum. The video of the talk is now available for viewing here.

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Fierce and Fantastical Experiments in Ceramics
News done by Hyperallergic

The ceramics-focused Earth Oracles is a garden of earthly delights, with sumptuous glazes and a mastery of the medium on proud display.
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Sharon Norwood, Wicked! This Is Not a Fairy Tale! 2022, Glazed ceramic, overglaze, luster, silver tray, 7” x 14”

Earth Oracles, the 5th exhibition at Mayten’s Gallery, opened March 19th, 2022 and features an intriguing slate of fifteen contemporary ceramic artists from the United States and Canada. Located in the heart of Toronto’s Niagara district, Mayten’s Gallery upends the traditional, commercial and institutional gallery model by nurturing community and public engagement with a major commitment to education and nurturing the younger generation through distinguished programming. The artists included in Earth Oracles are: Linda Sormin, Roxanne Jackson, Sasha Koozel, Lindsay Montgomery, Nick Lenker, Sharon Norwood, Suzanne Nacha, Sami Tsang, Shannon Goff, Laurence Veri, Erin Smith, Marissa Alexander, Charles Snowden, Laurent Craste, Dirk Staschke.

Linda Sormin, Furl 2019, glazed handbuilt stoneware, found ceramic shards, epoxy, gold leaf, 19” x 20” x 24”

Co-curated by Lindsay Montgomery and Farnoosh Talaee, the exhibition focuses on artists who take an innovative approach to materials, creating new realities and alternate histories that recenter marginalized narratives, strive for justice and offer imaginative glimpses of a better world. The works themselves are otherworldly and/or offer portals to hidden worlds within the medium of ceramics, who’s history resides in craft but is now central in contemporary art for its exploration and experimentation. Laurent Craste’s ceramic vessels are a humorous, animated yet destructive take on the stoic traditional vase while Roxanne Jackson’s vases and busts are infused with seductive, beastly pop culture references. Sami Tsang creates disturbing characters within this narrative, offering perhaps companionship or perhaps misleading guidance where Linda Sormin’s collage ceramic pieces are like topographical maze maps, compelling you to look for any ground you can stand upon. Suzanne Nacha’s figurines call to mind a Pixar created Woman of Willendorf and Sasha Koozel’s sculpture beings are like sacred relics from a world unknown, both referencing past and future simultaneously. Each piece in the exhibition stands alone but the works altogether in the gallery create a limitless story in the relationships they create between one another.

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