Kriss Munsya: The Eraser

March 5 – May 29, 2022
Gallery Stratford, Art in the Trees

Kriss Munsya, Taking Over | Domestic Attraction, 2020

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the ‘80s and raised in a predominantly white neighbourhood in Brussels, Belgium, Kriss Munsya was confronted with his “differences” early on. The discrimination and violence he experienced in childhood left a mark – one that grew to obscure his sense of self-worth.

Munsya’s work focuses on the role of race and gender in the construction of identity. The Eraser juxtaposes experiences of the past with desires of the future. It is a story of change and transformation, racial and gendered discrimination, that centers a Black man revisiting experiences that have been normalized in critical reflection and internalized supremacy. “I picked key moments from my childhood that made me the Black person I am today … I had all these memories, and I thought, ‘What would happen if I was able to erase them?.”

The faces of the individuals appearing in The Eraser, appear faceless. Immaculately dressed and presented, their faces are obscured with bouquets of flowers, masks, ribbons, mirrors, or hidden behind curtains. In reflection, things that at the time he thought normal now have a new meaning. With The Eraser, Munsya aims to translate his experiences into invitations to reflect on the impacts of supremacy. This project reflects critically on the past to inform transformational offerings for the future. As the protagonist revisits memories to re-imagine his past, he tries to erase the dominance of whiteness by transposing Blackness. However, memory is not easy to manipulate as digging into the past always brings up unexpected things. With that, it imagines creative reclamations of space.

Kriss Munsya is a graphic designer, conceptual photographer, and filmmaker. Munsya won the Salt Spring National Art Prize – The Joan McConnell Award & Residency for Outstanding Work in 2021, and was shortlisted for the BBA Photography Prize 2021 He is currently based in Vancouver. Kriss Munsya is represented in Vancouver by Monica Reyes Gallery

Art in the Trees is an outdoor exhibition space nestled in the trees between Gallery Stratford, Upper Queens Park and the Festival Theatre. Art in the Trees is accessible 24 hours a day.

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