KinesTHESES presents Louise Lileifeldt, Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson’s DoubleBind at AS220 Providence, RI, 2019 PHOTO Chris Anderson


The Toronto Performance Art Collective’s performance art residencies continues into October with new works by Louise Liliefeldt and Jessica Thompson.

Path with Louise Liliefeldt

SATURDAY September 21 noon – 3 pm
West Toronto Railpath (beginning at the Wallace Avenue Footbridge and continuing south toward Dundas St. W.)

Path is a conceptual performance consisting of a series of tableaux and in some cases actions that represent both the loving and the destructive nature of humans. They represent various stages of a life journey in no particular order, exploring ideas of realization of the self, loneliness, as well as an honouring of nature. This is in part a reminder that we must celebrate the self.
This event takes place on a paved outdoor trail.

DoubleBind with Jessica Thompson

WEDNESDAY September 18 to SUNDAY September 22 11 am – 6 pm**
Dames Making Games, Toronto Media Arts Centre, 32 Lisgar Street, 3rd floor (wheelchair accessible)

TUESDAY October 1 to SATURDAY October 5 noon – 6 pm (until 8 pm on Wednesday October 2)**
Inter/Access, 950 Dupont Street, Unit 1 (this venue has entrance stairs and is not wheelchair accessible)

DoubleBind is a wearable media project that examines the intersections between place, identity and activism through a hooded sweatshirt connected to Twitter. The piece is designed to be worn in two ways—with the hood covering your head, or zipped into a collar around your neck. Tweets will be generated in your personal account based on where and how it is used, affecting your social identity in both physical and virtual environments. Book a 45-minute appointment to test out the hoodie in the neighbourhood surrounding the venue. You will need a Twitter account, and a cell phone with Twitter and a QR code reader installed, to activate the work.
(**Advance registration required. Follow this link to book your spot via Calendly.)

About the artists

Louise Liliefeldt is a Toronto-based performance artist and painter. Her work has been described as “iconographic portraits” and is predominately concerned with the politics of identity as it intersects with gender, race and class. She examines the cultural conventions of spectatorship and the links between emotional/psychological states and physical experience. The methodology of her performance art practice is shaped by the notion of always taking into consideration the significance of a site or changes in circumstance.

Jessica Thompson is a media artist working in sound, performance and mobile technologies. Her practice investigates the ways that sound reveals spatial and social conditions within cities, and how the creative use of urban data can generate new modes of citizen engagement. Her work has been shown across Canada, the United States and Europe. She is an Assistant Professor in Hybrid Practice at the University of Waterloo.

About KinesTHESES

KinesTHESES takes place in Toronto between August and December 2019 with featured artists Barak adé Soleil, Margaret Dragu, Esther Ferrer, Fiona Griffiths, Louise Liliefeldt, Stephanie Marshall, Robin Poitras, Jessica Thompson, claude wittmann, and Sakiko Yamaoka.

German philosopher Edmund Husserl used the term “the kinestheses” to describe the perceptual experiences of bodily movement. He argued that these senses, above all, are the core of subjectivity. The fact that we can feel ourselves move, and that we have an innate sense of our position in space, is foundational to our ability to conceive of ourselves as “I”s.

KinesTHESES features works that take the notion of “moving” their audiences in the most literal sense. Rather than engaging audience members simply as sets of eyes and ears, these projects remind us that we are, above all, animate forms: tactile-kinesthetic creatures that first learn who we are and discover our world by moving through our environment as bodies experiencing dynamic flows and encountering surfaces and textures. These are the building blocks of what we come to recognize as time, space and matter.


Toronto Performance Art Collective, best known for its biennial 7a*11d festival, was established in 1997 by a group of local performance artists and organizers, keen to create a forum for performance, live and action art in Toronto. Since then, Toronto has proven itself to be performance art-centric, and what began as the first 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art has continued to grow and offer audiences the best of contemporary performance art from around the world. Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council for their generous support of this project.

The Toronto Performance Art Collective is Golboo Amani, Shannon Cochrane, Paul Couillard, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Johanna Householder, Tanya Mars, and Bojana Videkanic.



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