KIMJANG: The Aesthetics of Sharing

The Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) hosts an online exhibition, 「KIMJANG: The Aesthetics of Sharing」 from January 13 to March 31. Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 Omicron variant, the exhibition is held on the KCC’s exhibition website:


Kimchi, known for its nutritious values and unique taste, is popular among people worldwide. Although Kimchi is easily accessible in all seasons nowadays, this was not so until modern times. This made preparation for making winter kimchi that much more special to Koreans. Traditionally, Koreans have made special kimchi every early winter as Kimchi would provide valuable access to vegetables that are hard to access during the long harsh cold winter. They would do this together with families, friends, and neighbours to make a large quantity of kimchi, with each family adding their own unique ingredients like nuts, seafood, and fruits. Then, they would share it with their close acquaintances that made kimchi together and their communities who could not afford to make their own. Koreans call this special spirit of sharing “Kimjang culture.” Acknowledging the socio-cultural value of Kimjang culture, UNESCO inscribed it to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013.


「KIMJANG: The Aesthetics of Sharing」 highlights the sharing spirit of Kimjang while celebrating the world’s recognition of the unique Kimjang culture.

The 「KIMJANG: The Aesthetics of Sharing」 exhibition comprises four parts; interesting information on kimchi and kimchi-making; introduction on Kimjang culture; the KCC Experience Program; and My Kimjang corner. Through My Kimjang corner, participants can share their experiences on either Kimjang in general or the KCC Kimjang Experience Program.


The KCC Experience Program of Kimjang culture will be a series of in-person Kimjang making and sharing workshops at the KCC Gallery. As soon as the current COVID-19 situation improves and the Canadian governments ease the restrictions, KCC will announce the program details through this exhibition website.

Visit to see the 「KIMJANG: The Aesthetics of Sharing」 exhibition.


Online 「KIMJANG: The Aesthetics of Sharing」 Exhibition
Dates: 2022. 1. 13 ~ 3. 31
Venue: (KCC Exhibition Website)
Organizers: The Embassy of the Republic of Korea / The Korean Cultural Centre
Supporter: The World Institute of Kimchi

Inquiry and contacts:
The Korean Cultural Centre ( / 613-233-8008)

Facebook: @kccCanada
Instagram: @kcccanada