Judy Major-Girardin – Belonging: an exhibition of small-scale paintings celebrating local flora

Judy Major-Girardin, Marsh Marigold

Judy Major-Girardin
Belonging: an exhibition of small-scale paintings celebrating local flora

June 10 – July 3, 2022
Public Reception: Friday, June 10, 7-9:30 pm
Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario

Belonging is an exhibition consisting of a series of small paintings and artist books that are a response to what some refer to as plant disparity awareness, a condition that describes our disconnect from the local flora that surrounds us. Judy Major-Girardin explores her garden and the spaces where she walks, looking to become more aware of what plants are inhabiting familiar local places. What has been introduced and what has been established by the work of insects, birds, and mammals? What was original and what have we inherited? What do we value and why? What belongs?

The artist writes:

Painting for me is a strategy for practicing sustained, slow looking, and deeper understanding. Even though I freely interpret as I work and often employ memory with observation, this visual recording is a means of knowing place and connecting with the natural world. Through the activity of drawing and painting, I begin to recognize what might otherwise be overlooked. As my familiarity with local flora expands so does my appreciation for the important contributions these plants provide to the natural systems that support all life. Many of these observations have been made at the edges or margins of our spaces along roadsides, property boundaries and uninhabited areas. Is the delicate beauty and function of our native flora being taken for granted and marginalized or replaced by exotic alternatives that offer more dramatic effects? What have we lost in this transition to cultivated neighbourhoods?

It is my hope that these small paintings will inspire a greater appreciation for preservation and rewilding in support of the ecological systems that are vital to our future.

Facebook: @Judy.majorgirardin

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