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Joy Wong

Joy Wong, Untitled, 2021, etching, lithograph installation with acrylic monoprint, oxidized copper tubing, dimensions variable.

Blooming over her body, a bouquet of indiscriminate desires.

The grotesque body has no beginning or end; it takes up too much space and is ineffaceable from its environment. In Joy Wong’s exhibition, florescence, cut-outs from etchings and lithographs are pasted over each other on the gallery walls in an expansive collage that cannot be fully contained. In this way, the gallery becomes an activated, contaminated body, and the walls become the surface, the skin. Puckers and folds follow the marks of each print as the sporadic clusters float on the walls. Transparent monoprints hang precariously from antimicrobial copper armatures, teetering between action and safety, preservation and destruction. Gelatinous and reminiscent of mucus, these hanging works thrust the two-dimensionality of print into the physical environment. In thinking through ideas of the matrix and materiality, one must contend with the blossoming of anxieties, fluctuations, and repetitions.

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Pudy Tong
roll! stack! fold! break! (old man yells at cloud)

Pudy Tong, a roll (BoJack Horseman 2016), 2022, printed newsprint, red rubber bands, approximate dimensions: 23″ x 3″ x 3″.

Inspired by depictions of the physical newspaper in popular culture, the print-based sculptures in roll! stack! fold! break! (old man yells at cloud) by Pudy Tong, play up the notions of superficial knowing and tenuous materiality. The veneer of mimesis falls away when these haphazardly recreated newspaper props are brought outside the context of the screen, revealing them to be incomplete fabrications whose verisimilitude is merely convincing when played directly to the camera. Similarly, many aspects of news construction today, with its high-definition aesthetics, unrelenting chyrons and superimposed narrative arcs, belie the murkiness, slowness and relative flatness of the stories that are being told.

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Isabel Diana
A TROPICAL GLOW BABY PRODUCTION: Remember the sun baby girl

Isabel Diana, REMEMBER THE SUN BABY GIRL.II, 2022, screenprint, 20″ x 28″.

What does it mean to talk about there while being here?

A TROPICAL GLOW BABY PRODUCTION: Remember the sun baby girl is an expanded installation of a portion of Isabel Diana’s MFA Thesis. The installation includes a repeated pattern wall and two monoprints—a printmaking technique that is significant to their practice. The work explores her relationship with their freckles, the history a body holds and how to reclaim a body with no heritage. By focusing on the original tropical glow baby, BABY ISA showcases the nuances of being loved and lost simultaneously.

As an adoptee, a chronically ill body, and a woman of colour in North America, their upbringing has created a complex identity. This work is influenced by intersectionality theory, adoption trauma theory, South America’s bright colours, and the joy of the sun. The installation is a space for comfort and an act of reclaiming the body.

Isabel Diana’s lived experience will continue being explored in A TROPICAL GLOW BABY PRODUCTION: Finding Comfort in The Crisis, shown in Portland, Oregon, in early May as their thesis exhibition.

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