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Red Rock #3, Georgian Bay, ON, 2018 © Joseph Hartman

Joseph Hartman | Georgian Bay

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 14, 2-5pm
Guided Tour of the Exhibition with Joseph Hartman: Saturday, September 14, 3pm
Exhibition Dates: September 14 – October 26, 2019

The gallery is pleased to present, “Georgian Bay”, our fourth solo exhibition of work by Canadian photographer Joseph Hartman.

Georgian Bay’s North Eastern shoreline is a landscape that Hartman knows intimately. He spent his summers on the Bay since he was a child, and while at university worked with the Canadian Coast Guard patrolling a 150-kilometre section of the coastline that extends from Parry Sound to Killarney. This shoreline, which is only accessible by boat or floatplane, is sparsely populated with small communities. These communities are functioning remnants of Georgian Bay’s commercial past; mainly fishing, shipping, and tourism. Hartman began documenting these communities and the surrounding landscape to explore the human desire to be in this beautiful but, at times, harsh and unforgiving environment. He photographs using a traditional 4 x 5 view camera and recently began using a drone to make composite aerial views, producing large scale prints that immerse the viewer in the photograph.


Perquin, Morazan, El Salvador, 1991 © Larry Towell / Magnum Photos

Larry Towell | Vintage Prints

Exhibition Dates: November 9 – December 21, 2019

The gallery is pleased to present, “Vintage Prints”, our ninth solo exhibition of work by the world-renowned Canadian photojournalist Larry Towell.

This exhibition is to highlight vintage prints from throughout Larry Towell’s work. It will serve as a survey of the various projects Towell has worked on over the past 40 years, as seen through his earliest prints made of famous images, as well as previously unseen works.

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