Joseph Drapell: The Story of Striations


Opening Saturday September 21, 2019, 2-5pm



The artist used to paint in his messed-up corduroy pants and got the idea to paint several works on corduroy (one is included in this exhibition). Later he cut notches in his spreading devices. He was able to explore the depth and densities of paint layers, which translated into a rich territory of transparencies and opacities, increasing the feeling-content of his work.

This exhibition covers the evolution of the STRIATIONS period, from 1983 to the present. Drapell found a flexible vehicle for his abstraction that in the course of four decades morphed into new versions of his abstraction/depiction. The works in this exhibition are not for sale.
—Jeremy Down 2019

After the opening, the exhibition is accessible only by appointment.
Please text or leave a message 416-603-4111.
(Next exhibition will open on November 30.)

Editorial Board:
Paul Bates, Jeremy Down, Janet Heath, Matthew Kyba, Anna Maclachlan

The Museum of New was founded by artist Joseph Drapell and poet Anna Maclachlan in 1998 to promote advanced painting and sculpture. The gallery doubled in size to 5,300 sq.ft. with the addition of a second floor in 2012. Located in the Queen West Gallery District, the entire venue is available to artists and curators who want to explore new exhibition possibilities.

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First image: Drapell during painting, from a TV documentary, 1996

Second image: “BOTP”, 71 x 144 in., acrylic on canvas, 1985