Joseph Drapell: Re-Inventing Landscape

Small Water, Big Sky, 1982-2022, acrylic on canvas, 67 x 84 in.

You are invited to the opening reception of exhibition

Joseph Drapell: Re-Inventing Landscape
Forty years of developments of his Georgian Bay theme 1982-2022

Opens Saturday October 29, 2022, artist present 2-4pm.
Exhibition runs until November 26, 2022
13th Street Gallery, St. Catharines

Launch of the newest book by Ken Carpenter, Joseph Drapell: Re-Inventing Landscape hardcover, size 11 x 13 inches, 116 pages.

Dr. Ken Carpenter (1939-2022), Professor Emeritus York University, passed away last month after a fall at his home. To his last day he was involved in nurturing friendships with artists, and enjoying his six grandchildren.

“IN THIS exhibition we include some early pivotal works by the artist to show the wide scope of his development, and the roots of the latest paintings. These pictures expand our visual experience, define Drapell’s narrative, and contribute to the art of painting.

As a refugee from the Russian occupations of European democracies, Drapell may appear to resemble ‘freedom propaganda’– to be questioned by our thinkers. Furthermore, his embrace of advanced New York art created other frictions in 1970 Toronto, where he settled. The late Dr. Ken Carpenter identified these aspects of Drapell’s story early. We are honored to introduce Dr. Carpenter’s newest study here, but deeply saddened that he cannot celebrate with us. May this exhibition be a tribute to his judgment.”
– John Mann, 13th Street Gallery, October 2022

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