Joseph Drapell: “ORIGIN-Part Two”

You are cordially invited to the
opening reception for an exhibition “ORIGIN-Part Two” on Saturday, June 1st, 2-5 pm

This is the second installment of the “ORIGIN” installation, which includes the new Essence Quartet and a number of works unseen previously. The iconic images of the last five decades originated in Georgian Bay. This Canadian treasure became the spiritual home for artist Joseph Drapell after his first visit to Manitou Dock in 1970. The experience of the islands there influenced all the different phases of his abstraction, as documented in this survey (catalog – Exhibition Guide -commentary by Anna Maclachlan, compiled from numerous conversations with the artist.)

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The Museum of New was founded by artist Joseph Drapell and poet Anna Maclachlan in 1998 to promote advanced painting and sculpture. The gallery doubled in size to 5,300 sq.ft. with the addition of a second floor in 2012. Located in the Queen West Gallery District, the entire venue is available to artists and curators who want to explore new exhibition possibilities.

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