Jana F. Jaros: A Portrait In Pieces

Jana F. Jaros photo by John Patrick Mills

Jana F. Jaros: A Portrait In Pieces

July 13 – September 30, 2023 (Mon–Fri, 12-4 pm)
Niagara Falls Art Gallery
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

‘A Portrait In Pieces’ is the latest body of work by Jana F. Jaros. It is a story and allegory, a quest to piece together a past and identity. Jana’s work focuses on impactful macro focuses of fragmented poses reflecting surfacing memories and thoughts of a shattered portrait. Her pieces range from insightful poses, revealing the process of uncovering the past, while others are jarring moments – slowly rebuilding a broken mirror.

“My work began without this narrative in mind and the drive for this series started unconsciously. I simply had too many defenses and barriers up to face it directly. It was a way of protecting myself” says Jana. The first pieces came out of her love of figurative drawing and painting. While working on them, she became aware of the drive to address a difficult past. Her subconscious had taken the driver’s seat and worked around conscious barriers.

Sensored – “The cotton in my ears has blinded my thoughts” photo and work by Jana F. Jaros

Jana realizes she is not alone in the quest for discovery, recovery, healing and answers. Which is why the response to her work has been supportive and relative. People have travelled long distances to see and purchase them, to talk with her about their own experiences uncovered by the images. “Each piece that I paint has meaning. My work is personally driven, it is writing in paint. Titles and captions are very important to me. They are not an afterthought. While painting, I am trying to sum up a lifetime experience in a couple of words. Not at all easy. It is strengthening to reveal naked thoughts, not to cover them up which previously I had done in my life. Is it always comfortable? – no but I am okay with that. It is the only way of healing, learning and moving forward that I know”

Jana invites you to view her work at the Niagara Falls Art Gallery, On. July 13- Sept 30. As she puts it “Each piece is an enigma to be unlocked by the viewer’s connection to it.”

Within Reach – “There is no space in an emotional vacuum” photo and work by Jana F. Jaros

About the Artist

Jana F. Jaros is a Canadian Professional Artist living in Ontario, Canada. Her works have been published in arts and literature magazines, won awards and are included in collections. As an avid supporter of the arts, she has created an online arts hub to support arts and culture in her area. In the last few years Jana has actively restored and conserved outdoor murals. Her background includes working in theatre, film and on commercial venues as a scenic artist. She holds two degrees, the first in Interdisciplinary Art and the second in Heritage Culture and Conservation.

Facebook @jjarosstudio
Instagram @jjaros013

A Fan – “Fiery Strokes of whispers showering my common sense” photo and work by Jana F. Jaros

About Niagara Falls Art Gallery

The Niagara Falls Art Gallery was founded between 1972 – 1976 by Olha and Mykola Kolankiwsky. Building on the Kolankiwsky’s acquisitions, the Gallery has immensely grown its permanent collection with nearly 1000 additional artworks by both Canadian and international artists and has diversified into various sub-collections including the William Kurelek & Niagara Collections. It also boasts an increased exhibition schedule that draws not only from its collections but by invitation to contemporary artists from Niagara and beyond.

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Image descriptions:
1. Jana F. Jaros standing in front of her work at an exhibit
2. Macro focus of a partial face only showing a bit of mouth and nose with a blind fold
3. A hand reaching out
4. Semi-draped woman holding a fan