Jacqueline Treloar: Memoriae Festi Plagae

Firefighters at 2 am in our building doing their thing

MEMORIAE Festi Plagae
Works by Jacqueline Treloar

Gallery 1313
June 8-19, 2022
Reception: June 9, 6:30pm
Artist Talk: June 11, 2pm

Artist Jacqueline Treloar exhibits a dynamic series of works spanning three galleries at Gallery 1313. These recent works address covid 19’s powerful effect on us all. As Jacqueline states “The years living in the cities of Toronto, Canada, and Palermo, Sicily have shaped me irrevocably and have led to mounting the present exhibition. The Covid 19 virus has deeply affected both cities since Spring 2020.”

A set of paintings on textured fabric features Toronto transit TTC masked passengers and a selection of masked friends working in local businesses.

A second set on dark dyed ground shows images of acrobats suspended from mechanical birds from the Santa Rosalia procession in Palermo.

“Palermo is a city of ancient rites and rituals, celebrating their Santa Rosalia each July after liberating the city from a deadly plague in 1694. The magnificent yearly festival is a triumph of Italian pageantry.”

There are nineteen paintings in the exhibition.

Acrobat being held by a mechanical dove Palermo Santa Rosalia

“I am a magician. My work springs from ancient histories and legends, stunning light and colour. Its origins were formed from years living in England, Italy and now Canada. I ask questions. My answers celebrate a personal vision; ideas and images are sorted, researched and stored over time and then put forward out of a desire to commemorate and honour that which is of profound personal value. Much looting takes place within the archives of manuscripts, monuments and great natural spaces, exposing the inner power and beauty that in turn forms the nucleus of a contemporary creation.”

Jacqueline has a long and impressive exhibition history both locally and internationally and this new work will create more dialogue on the effects and impacts of covid on us all.

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