InterAccess Fall 2023 Education Programming

2022 Topigraphical render, Image by Bria Cole.

InterAccess is excited to announce the beginning of our in-person Fall Season of educational and studio programming, running between October and December 2023.

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Utopics: World Building
October 10 & 17 | 6-9pm ET | RSVP

Explore 2D to 3D labyrinth creation using Blender & Unreal Engine in our immersive workshop.

Geoffrey Pugen is an artist experimenting at the intersection of technology and nature through video, photo and installation. Thematically, Pugen contemplates speculative futures, transhumanism, the impact of nature on society and conflicts between the virtual and the real.

New Media Education Online: Toward Accessible Tools and Techniques
October 21 | 2-4pm ET | RSVP

This workshop will explore tools and techniques for making online new media and art education more accessible.

Belinda Kwan is a neurodivergent curator and arts administrator with a BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice from OCAD University, Certificate in Project Management from University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, and Certificate in Transformative Justice from SKETCH Working Arts and Justice for Children and Youth. Currently, Belinda works at InterAccess as the Research & Development Manager.

Beyond Flat Maps: Creating 3D Terrains with Rhino and ArcGIS
October 6 & November 2 | 6-9pm ET | RSVP

Learn wood fabrication techniques to construct your very own handheld terrain, integrating coordinate data from ArcGIS to Rhino/Grasshopper.

Bria Cole is a media storyteller, junior architect, and educator. Bria’s extensive experience in the nonfiction film communities and with cultural institutions in Toronto and New York has shaped her work and interests, intersecting media arts, architectural design, and narrative. She practices neighborhood design and documentary film.

Projecting the Future: Projection Mapping with MadMapper
November 4 & 11 | 1-4pm ET | RSVP

Delve into projection mapping! Transform visuals, animate spaces, and master software & calibration. Partnered with Derooted & GarageCube.

El Ekeko (Simón Rojas Gajardo – b. Santiago, Chile) is a multi-disciplinary artist & creative technologist with a background in music, theatre, and graphic arts. His body of work is predominantly based on immersive and interactive multi-media installations which create illusion and augmentations to a viewers reality.

Introduction to p5.js
November 16 | 6-9pm ET | RSVP

Learn the basics of p5.js in this workshop and get started on your creative coding journey.

Tess Sutherland currently works as a Digital Skills Educator at Pinnguaq teaching community-centred digital skills programs in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.

Introduction to Photogrammetry
November 25 | 1-4pm ET | RSVP

Digitize physical objects or spaces into photorealistic 3D models using only a camera and a computer.

Codrin Talaba is a design researcher exploring the intersection of physical and digital space. With a background in architecture, materials engineering and visual arts, he brings a multi-disciplinary approach that seeks to integrate diverse perspectives and ways of seeing – both human and machine – to enable better design planning, collaboration and storytelling.

Creative Coding with Arduino Uno
December 2 | 1-4pm ET | RSVP

A hands-on workshop for individuals who are new to the world of Arduino and are eager to dive into the realm of electronics and programming.

Vladimir Kanic is the creator of living algae sculptures that use spectators’ breath as food and convert it into oxygen while mitigating the effects of climate change. His worldbuilding practice imagines living algae sculptures as beacons of decarbonized future, where social and climate justice are collaborative public acts as essential as breathing.

Images of Language: Making Things with Generative Language
December 5 & 12 | 6-9pm ET | RSVP

Inspired by theories around theimage of language, you will work directly with language models and approaches to integrate them artistically.

UKAI Projects researches and prototypes culture for what’s coming. We believe in polyphony and that each of us is responsible for assembling our own meaning from the world around us. We avoid polarization and offer evidence that emerging technologies can be turned over to other uses in order to support the culture(s) we’ll need going forward.

Fusion 360 for Artists
December 14 | 6-9pm ET | RSVP

A workshop designed for those who are interested in learning parametric 3D CAD Modelling for digital fabrication.

Andre Markovic is a Toronto-based designer, model maker, and digital fabricator. He is a senior specialist, designer and model maker at Little Canada. His work focuses on digital fabrication and 3D design.


InterAccess Fall LGBTQ+ Mixer
October 31 | 6-9pm ET | RSVP

Calling all members of our community who identify as LGBTQ+! Come out for refreshments, networking, a presentation from Aljumaine Gayle, and to socialize with our community!

Aljumaine Gayle is a dynamic, queer artist and creative leader based in Toronto. With expertise in visual design, user experience, and engineering, Aljumaine bridges the gap between these disciplines to create innovative, experiential, handcoded web experiences, branding, sound design, AR/VR development, interactive installations, data visualization, and hardware prototyping.


We regret that at this time InterAccess does not have barrier-free access; we are currently working to improve the accessibility of all facilities.

There are five steps with a railing up to our main entrance with automatic doors. Once inside all facilities are on the same level, and there is an accessible single-user washroom inside the unit.

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Founded in 1983, InterAccess is a non-profit gallery, educational facility, production studio, and festival dedicated to emerging practices in art and technology. Our programs support art forms that integrate technology, fostering and supporting the full cycle of art and artistic practice through education, production, and exhibition. InterAccess is regarded as a preeminent Canadian arts and technology centre.

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