InterAccess 2023 Vector Festival Workshop Programming

InterAccess is excited to announce our Vector Festival 2023 Workshop Program.

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Image by Tiange Wang

SinkInSync: Creating Interactive VR with Brainwave Data
Saturdays, July 18 | 1-4pm EDT
Online Via Zoom
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This workshop will explore creating interactive and responsive VR environments by leveraging brainwave data and using Unity3D, Muse Headbands, and Oculus VR Headsets.

Tiange Wang is a software designer who creates human-centered and data-driven experiences through interaction design, XR, data visualization and web/mobile development. She designs for experiences that bridge the digital and physical worlds with extended realities and generative AI.

Xin Feng is an independent creative technologist who works at Reality Labs VR team. She participates in several products for game developers and VR users. Xin is passionate about creative technology and design on individual well-being including health, cognition, emotion and social relationships, and interested in bridging physical and virtual worlds through XR and other new modalities.

Image by Blaine Campbell and Mohamed Somani

SinkInSync: Creating Interactive VR with Brainwave Data
Sunday, July 9 | 1-4pm EDT
In-person at InterAccess
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Join us in a freeform pattern-making workshop where participants create patterns using various coloured cut geometric mat board shapes. These creations will be augmented by an AI model which will insert a collaborative ‘buffer’ to connect our creations and create a cohesive, continuous pattern.

Blaine Campbell is an Alberta-based artist working in photography, sculpture, and video. Campbell’s thematic interests vary widely and have included landscape theory, mediation and artifice, quantum mechanics, and mathematical patterning.

Mohamed Somani is an Ottawa-based artist and co-founder of Mobil Art School in Vancouver (2018) which was founded on the belief of creativity as a fundamental human need and right, and is dedicated to broadening public access to art making through collaborative analog and technological methods and art education.

Image by Imogen Clendinning

Making a Solar-Server | DIY Web Design & Eco Media Art
Saturday, July 22 | 1-4pm EDT
In-person at InterAccess
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This experimental workshop will guide participants in creating their own DIY Internet technology and solar-powered media, through the creation of a web server hosted on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Including a live demonstration on powering a microcomputer using solar energy.

Imogen Clendinning is a media artist, researcher and DIY archivist who resides in London ON. In her practice, Clendinning is working to develop solar-powered web servers to hold digital archives for grassroots collectives and artist-run centres.

Image by Kristine Buerano

There is a Fruit Bowl: A Collaborative Experiment Creating Parallel Worlds
Monday, July 10 | 6-9pm EDT
In-person at InterAccess
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In this workshop we’ll play with choice and intention while exploring multiple approaches to environmental storytelling and create a collaborative game (and zine!) spanning parallel worlds.

Kristine Buerano (she/they) is a Filipino artist raised in Scarborough with a penchant for finding playful ways to provide comfort and connect with care. She is currently working on a game teaching computer science concepts to elementary school students and a children’s book about recognizing the ways we love. She’s got an affinity for fish imagery, epistolary fiction, and lists of three.


Utopics | World Building: Labyrinths
Thursday, July 13 | 6-9pm EDT
In-person at InterAccess
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In this workshop, artist Geoffrey Pugen will demonstrate how to create a labyrinth as a 3D asset and export a rendered video walkthrough of the scene using Unreal Engine 5.1 and Blender 3.5.

Geoffrey Pugen is an artist experimenting at the intersection of technology and nature through video, photo and installation. Thematically, Pugen contemplates speculative futures, transhumanism, the impact of nature on society and conflicts between the virtual and the real.

Augmented Reality with ArtVIVE
Saturday, July 15 | 11am-1pm EDT
In-person at InterAccess
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During the workshop, participants are introduced to the concept of AR and how to use the technology to build new narratives on Artvive, a platform that allows artists to create augmented reality experiences by overlaying digital content onto physical artworks.

Sergiu Ardelean is a serial entrepreneur from Austria who built a successful Augmented-Reality agency in Vienna is working on a StartUp that envisions combining haptic and digital art through AR. Artivive now has offices in Europe, US and China and is used by over 250k artists.


We regret that at this time InterAccess does not have barrier-free access; we are currently working to improve the accessibility of all facilities.

There are five steps with a railing up to our main entrance with automatic doors. Once inside all facilities are on the same level, and there is an accessible single-user washroom inside the unit.

About InterAccess
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Image descriptions:
1. A dark space environment populated by several golden blobs and one large white blob made of several small particles.
2. A diamond pattern mosaic orientation between white and multicolored sections inspired by Islamic geometry.
3. A gray house with a blue tarp on the roof. A solar panel sits on top of the tarp. There is a large QR code on the front of the house and the season is winter.
4. An image with a yellow background overlayed with multi-colored folders and white arrows in a hand-drawn style.