Intense Difference of its Own

Pixel Kim, Gaia math drawing, 2019, mixed media on canvas, 91 x 116 inches

Intense Difference of its Own

September 5 – 29, 2023
Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 5, 5:30 – 8:00 pm | Register Here
Art Workshop with Being Studio Artists: Wednesday, September 7
KCC Gallery, Ottawa

The Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Korean Culture & Information Service (KOCIS) and the Korean Cultural Centre Canada (KCC) proudly announce the opening of Intense Difference of Its Own / 모두의 어떤차이.

Co-presented with the National access Arts Centre in Calgary, Intense Difference Of Its Own is designed to listen to marginalized voices and share the values of the two countries through dialogue, which is a key aspect of cultural diplomacy.

The exhibition features the artworks by 12 artists, including Pixel Hyunwoo Kim, Michelle Bennie, Carol Harris, Brian Ehnis (the most representative artists with developmental disabilities from Korea and Canada), and the late Korean Canadian sculptor Won Lee.

Previously exhibited at the KCC in 2019, Pixel Hyunwoo Kim draws his universe using ‘pixels’ as a formative element. He reconstructed the world he saw and the moments he experienced into pixel images and added intuitive and bold drawings to create his unique style. Pixel Kim’s work has recently attracted public attention, such as being introduced to the media when installed inside the office of the President of the Republic of Korea. Pixel Kim, who conducts artistic experiments across various genres such as flat and three-dimensional music and media, plans to present Aurora Math Drawing, a work inspired by her participation in a residency program in Alberta, Canada, last year.

Carol Harris, Apple Orchard in BC, 2020, acrylic on board, 40 x 50 inches

A genius sculptor, the late Won Lee, was an internationally renowned artist whose creative thoughts and feelings about life and art were realized through his notable bronze sculpture works, despite being handicapped by polio. Lee donated his work To Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Congo’s Independence under the name of the people of the Republic of Korea in 2010, and it was installed in front of the Presidential Palace of the Congo. Lee’s works were also purchased by the Canadian Government under the national art acquisition program and installed at the Canadian Embassy in Seoul, Korea, Lee’s beloved mother country and one of his most active workplaces.

The artists from the National accessArts Centre (NaAC) in Calgary, including Brian Ehnis, Carol Harris, Michelle Bennie, and the seven musicians who participated in the composition of Seven Miniatures, Anthony Hodgetts, Rory Berk, Thomas Sinclar, Maddux Ma, Nathan Neutel, Laura LaPeare, and Jamie Petit, also present their unique voices as developmentally disabled artists through their drawings, painting, and video works.

By contemplating the unique sensibility, vision, and aesthetic style of those disabled artists working across various art genres, this exhibition aims to examine differences, not by socio-cultural discrimination or consideration based on their disabilities but instead based on their artistic values.

Sungeun Lee, Director of the KCC said, “I hope this exhibition serve as an opportunity to showcase the immense talent and experimental spirit of artists with disabilities working in both countries, and their potential to play a leading role in cultural exchanges.”

Public Programs

Opening Reception
Tuesday, September 5, 5:30 – 8:00 pm | KCC
Register Here

Art Workshop with Being Studio Artists
Thursday, September 7 | KCC

Pixel Kim & Michelle Bennie: Artists-in-Residency
Wednesday, September 6 – Tuesday, September 12 | KCC

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