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How a Multidisplinary art student and Art History / Museum Studies grad are pursuing their passions and careers in the Fine Arts.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) | Faculty of Fine Arts | University of Lethbridge

A black-white self-portrait of a student standing in a tunnel, foreground. Two people sit either side of him in background.

Student Kort Woycheshin (foreground), self-portrait, 2023

Photographer, storyteller, thrifter: How Kort is setting himself up for success in Fine Arts

Meet Kort | Program: Bachelor of Fine Arts – Multidisciplinary

Kort Woycheshin has been exploring his interests in music, photography, writing and videography, making the most of ULethbridge student life. His passion, curiosity and enthusiasm have earned him several significant awards and scholarships. He’s also building his skills and network with work-integrated learning terms and a BFA Multidisciplinary major he can customize.

What is your most memorable ULethbridge experience?

“The recent Fever.Dream.Blast. open studio exhibition was an incredible experience and something I will cherish forever. Being a part of the design and media team, I got first-hand experience developing a marketing plan to generate hype for the event. Since I used my new media skills to create promotional assets for the event, I got to see my work all over campus.

My photography was displayed in my senior studio space, and I was overjoyed with the comments I received from visitors. Open studios are an incredible display of student potential and excellence at ULethbridge and it’s a major advantage to being a Fine Arts student here.”

Left: Three students model for a photographer. Right: Student stands with professor in art studio.

Images (left to right): Kort (foreground) directs a photo-session. Kort (left) with Associate Professors in Art David Miller (centre) and Annie Martin (right).

Have you received any scholarships and awards?

“I received the Roloff Beny Foundation Photographic Award, the David Lanier Memorial Award, and the Abbondànza Fine Arts Undergraduate Award. All these helped me pursue photography at the highest level without worrying about material or equipment costs.

The Roloff Beny Award supported a trip to Manitoba for a project I developed analyzing mental health and the men in my family. The award covered travel, film and equipment costs. This a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I never would have had if I hadn’t mistaken Photography Studio I for a digital photography class.”

What advice would you give students starting their ULethbridge experience?

“One: Take every opportunity you can.
Two: Use your professors’ guidance.
Three: Make relationships and connections with everyone.
Four: Do what fulfills you.”

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A student working in a museum with archaeological artifacts.

Images (left to right): Kenya Bean working at the Whyte Museum. Artifacts in the museum.

Fine Arts alumna Kenya Bean (BFA – Art ’23) reflects on her internship at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies in Banff

As an Art History/Museum Studies major in the Bachelor of Fine Arts – Art program at ULethbridge, Kenya won a competitive 12-week internship to gain additional experience and skills working in art, heritage and archives.

During Kenya’s experience at the Whyte Museum she worked with artifacts similar to those she helped uncover during a previous excavation trip with the Archaeology & Geography department.

Group of people standing at an archaeological site.

Kenya (second row, left), Drs. Shawn Bubel and Kevin McGeough (first row, right), Bob Dawe (second row, centre) with the rest of the dig group

In 2022, Kenya took part in the University of Lethbridge – Royal Alberta Museum field school at the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site, located approximately 70km west of Lethbridge. Under the supervision of Drs. Shawn Bubel (BSc ’96), Kevin McGeough (BA ’96) and Bob Dawe (Royal Alberta Museum), Kenya and fellow students worked directly with Blackfoot interpreters at the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre, who are also collaborators on the excavation project.

“I can apply my love of history and archaeology in a place like the Whyte Museum. Not only do they have a heritage collection of artifacts and ecofacts, but also an art gallery where you get to socialize with artists. It was my two favourite things merging.”

Building skills for her future

During her internship, Kenya gained skills in a variety of areas. From cataloguing artifacts to leading an art installation, she learned things she’ll apply throughout her career and life.

“I got to identify, label and catalogue lithic objects such arrowheads, atlatl heads, scrapers, and a whole bunch of stuff. I’ve seen the same projectile points we’d been unearthing and observing at Head-Smashed-In at the museum.”

Kenya is bringing all facets of her learning to her chosen career and is making an impact both in and outside of her studies.

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