Iain Baxter& & the Ampers&


an appreciation of conceptual artist Iain Baxter&’s 85th year


Iain Baxter& & the Ampers&

“Don’t look at this unless you’re ready for anything. – Ok. Sit down and with a pair of scissors cut 4 inches off your tie and please mail it immediately to Iain Baxter Pres. N.E.Thing Co (address supplied)… Now you are ready for anything.” (1967 N.E.Thing Co. Xerox.)


The New Art Examiner, an independent magazine of art and cultural criticism, was founded in Chicago in 1973. The magazine is not only a significant part of the history of art and criticism, it made important contributions to the larger history of global art and cultural criticism by promising—and delivering—an often sharp-edged critique.

contact: ibaxter@uwindsor.ca, toronto@newartexaminer.net