December 12, 2022

Organized by Christof Migone

Online: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Live @ the Array Space: 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM (venue is accessible)

Third in a series of twelve annual events taking place on December 12 from noon to midnight (EST). Each year the event moves through each word of the 12-word phrase ‘you and I are water earth fire air of life and death’ and activates the word of the year in myriad ways. This year the word is ‘I’, consequently the focus is on selfless selves, linked Is, and not-Is. The first year it started with ‘you’, last year ‘and’ came to connect you to anything and everything, this year that point of connection is ‘I’—the porous one, the solo collective.


-I: HOUR 1 (12h)
SAVAC Presents Tazeen Qayyum (Tkarón:to/Toronto)

Amal (act)-III : Khayaal (care)

By repeatedly drawing a single word in my native language Urdu, I create a detailed concentric abstract form resembling the organic attributes of a spiral, an eye, or a black hole.

-I: HOUR 2 (13h)
SQUINT PRESS Presents Gabriela Areal (Buenos-Aires)


In between the sinuous vapoury becoming of bodies of sound distilling into reshaped beings, hidrolato is a work engaging gradients of porosity, through the intertwining of veiled sounds and images.

-I: HOUR 3 (14h)
THE DIM COAST (Sâskwatôn/Saskatoon) Presents A Sound That Never Was (International)

A generative sound work in response to Vivian Darroch-Lozowski’s book, Voice of Hearing. A new digital instrument operates a score writ from custom software that is modulated by weather data and seismic activity. The score parses the library’s sounds authored by a chorus of artists: Félicia Atkinson, Matthew Cardinal, Raven Chacon, crys cole, Isabella Forciniti, David Grubbs, Timothy Herzog, Sasha J. Langford, Mani Mazinani, Christof Migone, Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt, respectfulchild, Anju Singh, Aho Ssan, Mark Templeton.

-I: HOUR 4 (15h)
TRINITY SQUARE VIDEO Presents Midi Onodera (Tkarón:to/Toronto) and Claire Savoie (Tiohti:áke/Montréal)

Soliloquy, Soliloquy by Midi Onodera

A series of 12 videos, based on the 2018 series, Soliloquy. This incarnation locates a dialogue between the artist and her AI friend, FauxMidi. The videos document the growing relationship, the awkwardness of getting acquainted, and the frustrations of miscommunication.

Aujourd’hui (dates-vidéos)/ Today (date-videos) by Claire Savoie

This on-going project consists of producing (or attempting to) a video every day. The core of this process of interiorization coincides with the desire to communicate a thought turned toward the present. The moods vary from poetic, humoristic, witty, deep, shallow, to plain boring. Since 2006, some 1600 videos have been made.

-I: HOUR 5 (16h)
TSONAMI (Valparaíso) Presents Michel Poblete Montoya (Santiago)

Cognitive Distortions (RESET)

Our preconceptions of our surroundings, ourselves, and others, enable us to mask reality. We misprocess the information we receive, making subjective interpretations through distorting mechanisms of perception. This work proposes a reset in order to restart and recalibrate our preconceptions.

-I: HOUR 6 (17h)
WAVE FARM Presents David Grubbs (Brooklyn)

With nothing but words or nearly so

With nothing but words or nearly so
nothing but words to rely on
words only to buttress
words alone or nearly so
words alone but also
words and

-I: HOUR 7 (18h)
OBORO Presents Chloe Lum & Yannick Desranleau (Tiohti:áke/Montréal)

An Autobiography of Air

Meditations, Volume 3: Words as Sculpture, Their Shapes as Sound

Two performance-videos about the process transforming one’s self through theatrical gestures and costuming as a daily ritual.

-I: HOUR 8 (19h)
METAOBJECTS Presents Ryo Ikeshiro (Hong Kong)

Rituals, Rhythms & Reveries

In this work the sometimes solitary activities of attentive listening and observation offer access to collective memory. Past, present, and future are evoked and blurred. Alternating between physical space through audio and video recorded on location and 3D virtual space through data visualisation and sonification, the passage of time becomes visible and audible in various ways as dreams of technological progress are remembered and forgotten.

-I: HOUR 9 (20h)
LIQUID ARCHITECTURE Presents Machine Listening: Sean Dockray, James Parker, Joel Stern (Naarm/Melbourne)

Ego Trip

In 2021, Facebook AI announced a project called Ego4D, which is focused explicitly on first-person perspective. This video extracts moments from an Ego4D promotional video and relentlessly recomposes them into new variations of their slogan-question, What if AI could understand your world through your eyes?

-I: HOUR 10 (21h)
ARRAYMUSIC Presents Mani Mazinani (Tkarón:to/Toronto)


A performance built around a circular table with a tabletop that rotates like a turntable. A microphone is mounted to the edge of the table and amplifies sound from multiple sources that are then played back through various systems. Imagine a clock with 12 sources located around the dial, one at each hour, then picture a minute hand that spins freely, with a microphone attached.

-I: HOUR 11 (22h)
CONSTELLATION Presents Sam Shalabi (Tiohti:áke/Montréal)

Lonely Woman

Since I first heard the enigmatic and beautiful melody of Ornette Coleman’s “Lonely Woman”, nearly 40 years ago, it has resonated with me in ever shifting ways. My solo oud performance will use the traditional template of a classical oud recital and blur it with Taksim (the tradition of modal improvisation in Arabic music).

-I: HOUR 12 (23h)
FADO Presents Cindy Baker (Amiskwacîwâskahikan/Edmonton)

Things I’ve Forgotten

A work that incorporates audio, object-making, installation, and performance to explore the relationship between trauma, memory, and the body. I often wonder how much childhood trauma had a role in the formation of my personality, physicality, or disabilities. During the performance, I keep cycling as long as I want the audience to be able to hear the work; this endurance piece seeks resolution for an event that cannot be resolved. It is endless, exhausting, manic.

+ THE LAST 10 MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR, AS PART OF THE Different From The One SERIES, WILL FEATURE AUDIOVISUAL ROOMTONES OF THE STUDIOS OF Annette Krebs, Gordon Monahan, Kate Carr, Sebastiane Hegarty, Nick Kuepfer, Maia Urstad, Matmos, Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid, Andrea-Jane Cornell, Emily DiCarlo, Debashis Sinha, and Laura Kikauka (in order of appearance).

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Hosted by Anna Friz and Christof Migone.

Full programme: You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death.

Contact: christofmigone@gmail.com.