HOME(LAND): Lighting Souls

ArtworxTO Hub West | Cloverdale Common

HOME(LAND): Terra Firma, installation view at Cloverdale Common. Photo: Ready2Post

HOME(LAND): Lighting Souls

June 15 – October 2, 2022
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 7th 5-7pm | RSVP here

Curated by Claudia Arana


HOME(LAND) is a multimedia exhibition series that examines how concepts of land intersect and dialogue with the fluid, and shifting characteristics of identity, belonging, and home across and between races, regions, cultures and nations.

The third exhibition, Lightning Souls, explores the elements of air and fire and their connections to the land while delving into concepts of identity, home and belonging. From a physical, mental and spiritual level, these elements are capable of creating a vital energy that constantly fuels our bodies and souls and renews natural systems, making them healthier, more resilient, and a wonder to behold. Through their artwork, the artists in this exhibition explore mental health issues, magical and mystical visions of these natural elements and the power of forgiveness from a perspective of resilience, transformation and reconciliation.

Cloverdale Common Cultural Hub at Cloverdale Mall
250 The East Mall, Toronto, ON M9B 3Y83.

Wednesday – Saturday, 10-6pm
Sunday, 10-5pm

Online Exhibition: www.homelandexhibition.com

Jacquie Comrie, Ring of Fire, 2022 (detail). Image courtesy of the artist.


Exhibition Programming
The projects that make up this exhibition and the accompanying programmes consider the possibility of opening diasporic discourse from a position of reconciliation, where artists from different backgrounds and Indigenous peoples are encouraged to share their experiences and commonalities in relationship to the land, as it encompasses a deep sense of community, spirituality, and identity for both.

The Forgiveness Project Workshop
Saturday, June 18th, 2-5 pm | RSVP here
One workshop, facilitated by the artist Loretta Faveri, will take place at the hub giving residents of the surrounding community and the general public the opportunity to contribute to the piece. Through guided art-making activities, they will express their own experiences of the past. Upon finishing, they will ceremoniously tear their work into strips and then stitch and/or tie them into the netted panel for display.

Curator Tour (Online)
August 2, 2022
Curator Claudia Arana will discuss the exhibition, Lighting Souls, and its references to notions of home, land, identity and belonging. Lighting Souls is the third installment of the year-long exhibition series for HOME(LAND) at ArtworxTO Hub West.

Loretta Faveri, The Forgiveness Project: HOME(LAND), 2022. Image courtesy of the artist.


Jacquie Comrie is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist whose vibrant body of work intersects contemporary art and wellness on a global scale, using colour as a medium of social impact and mental health. Whether as murals on buildings, large-scale structures, or canvases, her body of work is a dynamic exploration of the science of colour as the universal language of human emotion.
jacquiecomrie.com @jacquiecomrie

Loretta Faveri “In the years before I met my husband and had a child, my life was full of alcohol abuse and unavailable men. My creative output and self-worth were very low. Although I now lead a very fulfilling life of sobriety and gratitude, I sometimes feel the shame of my past creeping into my daily life. However, I have developed a creative process that helps me overcome it. My perceived “mistakes” are simply gateways to exploring something new. My goal is to use this creative process to help others in need.”
artofforgiveness.ca @lorettafaveri @dancing_til_death

Nyle Johnston’s spirit name is Wiishkoonseh Miigizi’enh means Whistling White Headed Eagle. He grew up in Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation and apprenticed with Storytellers since his youth. Sources of his artistic inspiration include woodland painters, Story Tellers and the traditions of his indigenous culture. Johnston notes: “In a time of reconciliation, it is important for all people to know that we exist and have such a strong, beautiful legacy of stories and teachings from the Anishinaabe Nation that are grounded in my experience and identity.”
miigizi.com @miigizi

David Chinyama is a Zimbabwean-born Canadian multi-disciplinary artist living and working out of Toronto. Internationally recognized for his colourful textured mixed media paintings, Chinyama also works with sculpture, film as well as interactive media design often exploring subject matters centred on aspects of identity, encompassing various social, economic, political and religious connotations. His work represents personal fascinations shaped by memories, life experiences, and societal perceptions emanating from his upbringing in Africa to the multi-cultural influences of his adopted home city of Toronto.


Claudia Arana is a Latinx Independent Curator and Cultural Connector who has installed her practice at the intersection of artistic platforms which promote diversity and inclusion of varied cultural perspectives. Drawing from a mestizo background, Claudia’s curatorial work centers on in-between, and mixed cultures that develop along physical, political and social borders.
claudiaarana.com @claudiaaranab


HOME(LAND) is part of ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art, 2021–2022 a year-long celebration of Toronto’s exceptional public art collection and the creative community behind it. Working closely with artists and Toronto’s arts institutions, the City of Toronto is delivering major public art projects and commissions, citywide, from fall 2021 to fall 2022. Supporting local artists and new artworks that reflect Toronto’s diversity, ArtworxTO is creating more opportunities for Torontonians to engage with art in their everyday lives. This year, explore your city and discover creativity and community–everywhere. Visit artworxTO.ca for full details.

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