HomeBase: Open Call for Community Art Projects, The STEPS Initiative



We may be physically distanced, but our desire to create, share and learn brings us together. Building on the success of our INsiders Artist Project, we are excited to announce HomeBase, a call for community art projects.

STEPS invites project ideas that use materials and objects you have in and around your home, incorporating DIY and upcycling approaches to connect individuals, neighbourhoods and communities through public art during a time of physical distancing.

  • Do you have a public-facing space in your home, backyard, balcony or courtyard that could use a burst of creativity?
  • Want to create a captivating sculpture, mosaic, mural, installation, intervention, performance, (insert medium of your choice here!) to engage, inspire or share with your community using materials that you have available in your home?
  • Do you have an idea for a project that offers creative social connections during a time of physical distancing?
  • Could your project idea inspire others to create similar projects within their own space?

HomeBase aims to:

  • create artwork using materials you have on hand; reducing waste, encouraging upcycling and innovative approaches to material use, and space while fostering public connection;
  • build connections between community members, artists and arts workers across the GTA that strengthen the creative fabric of our city, while supporting each other through this difficult time;
  • share the creativity of individuals across the GTA;
  • inspire each other through the arts to look at our relationship to public-facing spaces, materials, objects and processes in a new light – full of possibilities. We are in a time of change, so let’s do something different!

How to apply – it’s super easy!

Fill out this short application form by Friday, May 29, 2020 at 4pm that asks you to respond to the following questions:

  • What is your project idea?
  • What materials are you planning to use to bring your idea to life?
  • Where do you plan to install, exhibit, display or feature the project?
  • How visible is this location? Describe who would be able to see or interact with the finished work?
  • Who is involved in making the work? Are you creating this work alone or with your partner, child(ren) or roommate?
  • Are there any materials you are missing in order to bring your ideas to life?
  • What types of support do you feel you will need from STEPS?
    ◦  Promotion
    ◦  Technical support
    ◦  Supplier recommendations
  • What area of the GTA do you live in? Please identify the nearest major intersection.

The STEPS program team will review the submitted ideas the week of June 1 and select 5 HomeBase, Community Arts Initiatives who will receive a $100 material supply honourarium. We will also do our best to support selected projects with any technical advice, outstanding materials or brainstorming that you may need to bring your HomeBase idea to life!

When reviewing HomeBase submissions, the program team will be considering projects that:

  • Creatively explore public-facing space and the ways we can connect with each other while distanced
  • Use materials, approaches and objects in a new and transformative way
  • Actively engage with the outside world, inviting community members to react, recreate or respond to your project
  • Compose an inclusive roster of creatives, representative of our city as a whole
  • Are fun, dynamic, unique and really make us wonder, “What will that actually look like if it was made?”

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to Program Coordinator, Renee Castonguay at info@stepsinitiative.com by May 27, 2020 at 4pm and we’ll be happy to respond. You can also visit the FAQ here.

We look forward to hearing from you! Be safe and stay healthy.

Image captured by Catherine Cachia.