Henry G20

Produced by Henry G20 Group.

Co-commissioned and produced in association with Luminato Festival Toronto and The Bentway Conservancy.


Image of Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah as Henry by Debbie Deer.

Henry G20 is a digital theatre project delivered via Audio Drama and Augmented Reality in the Henry G20 Mobile App.

Available for free at-home viewing until November 11 at www.HenryG20.com.

How to Access
Step 1: Download the Henry G20 app for Android or iOS mobile device (phone or tablet)
Step 2: Display the Augmented Reality Posters on your computer, or print them off at home.
Step 3: Use the app on your mobile device to listen to the episodic audio drama. Display the posters on a second screen to activate augmented reality experiences.

Conceived and directed by Christine Brubaker and co-written by Brubaker and Constantine X. Anastasakis, Henry G20 freely adapts Shakespeare’s Henry V in a contemporary retelling of the conflict between police and protestors during the G20 Summit protests in Toronto in June 2010.

Melding new text with verse and form from Henry V, this audio drama addresses unanswered questions from that fateful weekend where hundreds of people, protesters, and innocent bystanders were kettled, arrested, and detained.

Follow Henry, played by Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, the headstrong leader of a grassroots activist organization as she leads her community in peaceful protest through downtown Toronto. Experience the unanticipated chaos of the Black Bloc, burning police cars, and a stand-off with the newly militarized police force. Bear witness to the events surrounding the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Investigate the meaning of leadership as ideas and ideologies clash in the streets.

Henry G20 is a digital theatre project delivered via a 7-episode audio drama and 7 augmented reality experiences. Access the project for free at www.henryG20.com.

Accessibility Features
Visual Story
Audio Described App Armchair Experience
Listen to the Henry G20 Audio Drama online (no Augmented Reality)
ASL Video Introduction

Laura Philipps, Producer

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