Hammock Residency: being held and holding


being held and holding

a group exhibition and launch of a series of artist publications created by the 2021 Residents of @hammockresidency

Opening: November 5th, 2021 6-10PM
Exhibition: November 5th – 11th, 2021
The James Black Gallery, Vancouver


Curated by @zandidandizette


Hammock Residency is a mad- and disability-led artist residency program committed to creating meaningful inclusion and accessibility in art by listening to artists and meeting them on their own terms. What sets this residency apart is its focus on centering the accessibility and cultural needs of the artists-in-residence, creating an environment that is more nurturing than taxing. Hammock’ first iterations was 2009-2016 when the residency was hosted in and around Heidi Nagtegaal’s home in East Vancouver. Lying fallow between April 2016 and August 2020, Hammock Residency was re-imagined as an artist collective, with Carmen Papalia (he/him) and sophia bartholomew (they/them) joining the team.


Accessibility Info:
The JBG is located in a house from 1889 and is not very physically accessible unfortunately. Bathrooms are on the top floor of the building. During the opening event we will have someone present outside to offer physical support in navigating the stairs to the gallery.

We will also have an ASL Interpreter present to support any Deaf or Hard of Hearing attendees during the opening.

As well, we will be offering childcare support during the opening for parents to be able to focus on the event.

It is not a scent-reduced environment due to art studiospaces and the age of the building, however it should generally not have any abnormal scents in the main gallery.

For more info on how stairs and different entrance points: www.thejamesblack.gallery/faq


Hammock Residency
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The James Black Gallery
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Email: thejamesblackgallery@gmail.com
Website: www.thejamesblack.gallery

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