Gurdeep Pandher – A portal to joy

Gurdeep Pandher – A portal to joy

Now on view online at the Portrait Gallery of Canada

The Portrait Gallery of Canada proudly presents a new multimedia portrait, Gurdeep Pandher – A portal to joy. Experience the exhibition online now at

A Whitehorse-based dancer, teacher, and author, Gurdeep Pandher has become a global online superstar whose work has been viewed by millions all over the world as his performances and videos continue to transcend geographic and cultural boundaries. He has touched individuals in myriad ways, especially since the pandemic lockdowns, when in his solitude, through his dance, he radiated positivity to a world in isolation.

Curated by media artist, ethnographer, and theorist Narendra Pachkhédé, the exhibition explores themes of discovery, joy, connectedness, movement, and landscape. Pachkhédé writes in his curatorial essay that Gurdeep has “disrupted prevailing ideas around Bhangra” and that “through his Bhangra, he offers an archaeology of us, as if asking: what does it mean to be us in the contemporary condition of our lives?”

Complementing the online exhibition, upcoming programs and events will take place at locations across Canada. Details will be online at

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