Gallery TPW Launches Silver Editions 2021


Steven Beckly, Saliva Lining, 2021— $750

Gallery TPW is delighted to launch the 15th anniversary of Silver Editions! To mark this special occasion, this year’s portfolio features an exciting collection of four works by Steven Beckly, Jason de Haan, Brendan George Ko and Isabel M. Martínez. Each artwork has been selected in collaboration between the artists and Gallery TPW to spark joy and curiosity.

Silver Editions provides art lovers and collectors alike with a rare opportunity to acquire a set of affordable, carefully curated prints. Sales from Silver Editions have an immediate impact at Gallery TPW, supporting our charitable mandate of exhibiting underrepresented artistic and curatorial practices that push the boundaries of lens-based work. By purchasing artwork through Silver Editions, you are directly supporting artists and vital in-gallery experiences.

Artworks can be purchased individually or as a collection. For more information and to purchase, visit:


Jason de Haan, Puddle Buddies, 2021 — $1,000

In celebration of Gallery TPW’s history and mandate, each artwork presented as part of Silver Editions 2021 carefully considers the materiality and affective qualities of photography, deeply engaging with its many potentialities and sensibilities. Both Steven Beckly and Isabel M. Martínez’s vibrant images explore photography’s most vital properties – light and chemistry. While Jason de Haan and Brendan George Ko turn to another of photography’s preoccupations – time – with their concern for layered histories and geological processes. Taken together the artists presented here create dynamic images that expand photography’s very possibilities.


Brendan George Ko, Yangshuo Sunset, 2013 — $900


We are immensely grateful to Steven, Jason, Brendan and Isabel for their generous artwork donations.


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Isabel M. Martínez, Speculation #1, 2020 — $1,100

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