Gallery TPW Launches Silver Editions 2019

Gallery TPW’s Silver Editions returns with a new portfolio of works by Shannon Bool, Erika DeFreitas, and Catherine Telford Keogh. Silver Editions 2019 was unveiled on June 4th at an exclusive reception hosted by Elle Flanders and Tamira Sawatzky (Public Studio), alongside their neighbours Shaun Moore (Made Design) and Todd Caldwell (Emblem Flowers).

Now in its fourteenth year, Silver Editions provides art lovers and collectors alike with a rare opportunity to acquire a set of affordable, carefully curated prints, while directly supporting Gallery TPW’s mission and programs. Brought together for Silver Editions 2019, these works by Shannon Bool, Erika DeFreitas, and Catherine Telford Keoghuse distinct yet synchronous means to consider the poetic, empathic, and difficult possibilities of otherwise picturesque surfaces. While DeFreitas turns to intuitive practices to access the complex histories of heritage artifacts through touch, Bool uses exuberant scribbles to complicate our reading of a seemingly benign equestrian portrait, and Telford Keogh disrupts a perfectly serene sunset with a constellation of digitally-collaged corporate detritus.


Silver Editions is produced in an unframed edition of 23 with 20 sets released for sale. A limited number of sets remain available for $2100 per set.

Each Silver Editions print is also available separately at an individual price point. Individual prices are listed below.

Purchase prints here.

Shannon Bool, Painted Horse, 2019—$1000

Known for a practice that synthesizes modernist and art-historical narratives with precise material investigations, Shannon Bool’s unconventional layering of references and processes attempts to reconfigure preconceived perceptions, hierarchies, and points of view.

While equine imagery recurs throughout her practice, Painted Horse utilizes a black and white photograph of a white horse as a surface for naive painting. Stemming from the history of horses being painted for war or equine science, to the recent controversial trend of pony-painting parties, Bool explores the multilayered subjectivity of painting on an unwitting ground in order to illuminate the complexity of the empathy that expression generates.

Erika DeFreitas, She may be moved and they multiplied most in exaggeration. (No. 2), 2018—$850

She may be moved and they multiplied most in exaggeration. (No. 2) emerges from a new body of work by Erika DeFreitas, produced during a residency in a historic manor in Scotland. Continuing to explore her keen attunement to certain objects—working to access their energies and histories—the Scarborough-based artist has turned to psychometry: a nineteenth-century-born practice of reading an object’s psychic imprint through the act of touch. In the multi-image series of She may be moved and they multiplied most in exaggeration., each print articulates one of DeFreitas’ psychometric gestures: touching, placing, holding, arranging, and rearranging these found artifacts with dedicated care and focus. Together, these images accumulate into something akin to a choreography of intuition, offering an alternative photographic framework for representing histories and memories that could otherwise be left unseen, unfelt.

Catherine Telford Keogh, XHesperidesX. Sunlight® Shine, 2019—$850

Working in digital collage with stock photography and elements of corporate design, Catherine Telford Keogh’s multifarious practice digests and metabolizes these otherwise bland capitalist aesthetics into something potent, strange, and playful. Telford Keogh is also known for large-scale sculptural works that juxtapose industrial materials with seemingly “consumable” goods such as hot dogs, dill pickles, Advil gel capsules, and sugary cereal. In XHesperidesX. Sunlight® Shine, an otherwise picturesque sunset is riddled with an absurd array of tiny corporate logos, YouTube screengrabs, and other distorted images, perhaps like a post-capitalist atmospheric event or a Google Image Search absorbed into rainfall. A reinterpretation of an earlier large-scale digital collage by the artist, XHesperidesX. Sunlight® Shine features a custom acrylic intervention into the frame of the work, referencing the cocktail of an industrial cleaning agent and a Monster™ Energy Drink that partially submerged Telford Keogh’s earlier piece.


Prints from prior sets are also available for purchase individually. For the month of June, we are celebrating Silver Editions with a special 15% discount on all single prints from past years. Visit our online store to browse available prints by Vikky Alexander, Nadia Belerique, Kotama Bouabane, Luis Jacob, Geoffrey James, Katherine Knight, Celia Perrin Sidarous, Elizabeth Zvonar and many more. Use the code SUMMER at checkout to receive your 15% discount.


We would like to thank the participating artists and their dealers: Shannon Bool (Daniel Faria Gallery), Erika DeFreitas, and Catherine Telford Keogh.

Gallery TPW is extremely grateful to our gracious launch party hosts Elle Flanders and Tamira Sawatzky (Public Studio), Shaun Moore (Made Design), and Todd Caldwell (Emblem Flowers), as well as our Silver Editions sponsors Blood Brothers Brewery, CXBO Chocolates, Circuit Gallery, Smokestack Studios, Stratus Vineyards, Superframe, and Sublime Catering.

The images have been generously donated by the participating artists to support Gallery TPW, a not-for-profit artist-run centre and registered charity.

All proceeds directly support Gallery TPW’s mandate, programming, and operations. Past artists include: Suzy Lake, Annie MacDonell, Michael Snow, Barbara Astman, Robert Burley, Toni Hafkenscheid, Geoffrey James and Edward Burtynsky.


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