Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography launches G44 Digital

G44 Digital Launches with New Projects by Nour Bishouty and Tia-Simone Gardner

G44 Digital is a platform to incubate and expand on research undertaken through Gallery 44’s exhibitions and residency programs. This new platform, consisting of digital projects, podcasts, video walkthroughs, considers how digital space may allow broader access to the formation of artistic ideas. The platform launches with past and current exhibition content, and forthcoming projects related to our 2022-23 program.

Projects and interviews feature the work and reflections of Christina Battle, Nour Bishouty, Cecilia Bracmort, Lorenzo Colocado, Josephine Denis, Samuel De Lange, Leala Hewak, Liz Ikiriko, Jackson Klie, Elnaz Mansouri, Katherine McKittrick, Jeff Meldrum, Suzanne Morrisette, Isabel Okoro, Bidemi Oloyede, Tia-Simone Gardner, Jocelyn Reynolds, Adrienne Scott, Tammer El Sheikh, Timothy Yanick Hunter, Nic Wilson and more!

G44 Projects are a series of digital artist projects designed as online extensions of Main Gallery programming at Gallery 44. Exhibiting artists are invited to work with artist and designer Matt Nish-Lapidus to develop projects that expand on ongoing research and creative explorations in their artist practice.

G44 Podcasts feature interviews between Curator of Exhibitions and Public Programs, Lillian O’Brien Davis and exhibiting artists discussing their work and exploring the concepts they are considering in their artistic practices at large. Each interview will expand on the exhibition to give listeners a fresh perspective on Gallery 44’s programming. G44 Podcast is released as two concurrent series, How To Ask a Question, featuring longer form interviews with Main Gallery artists, and Vitrines Conversations, a series of short conversation with artists exhibiting in the Gallery 44 Vitrines.

The River
G44 Project by Tia-Simone Gardner

Gallery 44 exhibiting artist Tia-Simone Gardner works with a 1938 documentary film, The River. Originally produced by the American Farm Security Administration, Gardner annotates the documentary to offer an alternative perspective of the film, highlighting the Mississippi River’s history as an site of the industrial revolution and its role in the transatlantic slave trade. The River is a part of Gardner’s on-going research into the carceral landscape and extends from her first Canadian solo exhibition, Dark and Perfect Memories, at Gallery 44 from September 9 – October 15, 2022.

Tia-Simone Gardner is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and Black feminist scholar. Working primarily with drawing, images, archives, and spaces, Gardner traces Blackness in landscapes, above and below the ground’s surface. Ritual, disobedience, geography and geology are spectres and recurring themes in her work. Gardner grew up in Fairfield, Alabama, across the street from Birmingham and learned to see landscape, capitalist extraction, and containment, through this place. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Walkers Watchers
G44 Project by Nour Bishouty

Nour Bishouty’s Walkers Watchers is an interactive 3D-projection of an oil-on-canvas landscape “Al Wadi” (c. 1981-83), where select elements are reimagined as virtual reproductions then located in relation to Qusayr Amra, the Umayyad castle also identified in the original painting. The projection was realized by simulating a three-dimensional space of the landscape, taking as a source the publically available architectural drawings and geographical data on the castle. This project expands on her exhibition Nothing is lost except nothing at all except what is not had, at Gallery 44 from February 2022.

Nour Bishouty (she/her) is a visual artist based in Tkaronto/Toronto, Canada. Working in a range of media including digital images, works on paper, sculpture, video, and writing, her multidisciplinary practice combines familial, material, and geo-political narratives to explore the production of meaning in relation to histories of place. Nour was a fellow at the 2014/15 Home Workspace Program at Ashkal Alwan in Beirut. Her work has been exhibited in venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Toronto, Darat Al Funun, Amman; Access Gallery, Vancouver; the Beirut Art Centre, the Helen Day Art Centre, Vermont; Casa Arabe, Madrid and Cordoba; and the Mosaic Rooms, London.

G44 Project by Samuel de Lange and Jackson Klie

Rooted in archival infrastructures and practices of storage, arranging and sorting, artists Samuel de Lange and Jackson Klie create a repository of research and reference materials which engages in the gestures of sifting through information. The materials available online provide insight into the research process of de Lange and Klie’s exhibition empty room, silver mirror at Gallery 44 in March 2022.

catching up cont.
G44 Project by Suzanne and Clayton Morrissette

catching up cont. is an online performance-for-browser made by siblings Suzanne and Clayton Morrissette. It is the first collaboration of Suzanne and Clayton and represents the merging of their visual art and musical interests during the exhibition What does good work look like? at Gallery 44 in April 2022.

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Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography is a charitable, non-profit, artist-run centre committed to supporting multi-faceted approaches to photography and lens-based media. Founded in 1979 to establish a supportive environment for the development of artistic practice, Gallery 44’s mandate is to provide a context for meaningful reflection and dialogue on contemporary photography.

Gallery 44 is committed to programs that reflect the continuously changing definition of photography by presenting a wide range of practices that engage timely and critical explorations of the medium. Through exhibitions, public engagement, education programs and production facilities our objective is to explore the artistic, cultural, historic, social and political implications of the image in our ever-expanding visual world.

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