From Remote Stars Podcast


From Remote Stars is a podcast exploring a recently uncovered recording that artist Greg Curnoe made of futurist and architect R. Buckminster Fuller speaking in London, Ontario in 1968.

Fifty years after Fuller’s visit to London, how do Fuller’s technological ruminations on the future hold up? How do artists and thinkers working today respond to his work? In this podcast we tease apart a few of Fuller’s theories and address some of the gaps in his techno-utopian vision for progress.

Hosted by artist Christina Battle, the series takes shape as three episodes, accompanied by in depth interviews with novelist Kerri Sakamoto and art historian Eva Díaz. Each episode builds from Fuller’s visit to London to discuss mythmaking, land, belonging, travel, decolonization, and climate crisis, and includes interviews with artists, curators, and scholars, among them Judith Rodger, Jason McLean, Jessica Karuhanga, Amanda Myers, Adam Rome, Gabrielle Moser, Stephanie Wakefield, Skawennati, and Mary Kavanagh.

From Remote Stars is distributed on Spreaker and you can also download the podcast from your favorite podcast provider.

Episode descriptions and more information about the research project are available on our website.

This podcast accompanies the exhibition From Remote Stars: Buckminster Fuller, London, and Speculative Futures, curated by Kirsty Robertson and Sarah E.K. Smith, forthcoming at Museum London February 19 to May 15, 2022.

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