Free Contemporary Art Bus Tour

Station Gallery, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, and Visual Arts Centre of Clarington


Free Contemporary Art Bus Tour
Saturday, 2 November 2019 | 11am-4pm | Free

Spend Saturday afternoon exploring the exhibitions in Durham Region’s public art galleries. The bus will pick up participants on Saturday, November 2 at 11 am from 401 Richmond St West, Toronto, then depart for the Station Gallery (Whitby, ON), Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Oshawa, ON), and the Visual Art Centre of Clarington (Bowmanville, ON).

To RSVP, please email Desaree Rosskopf at or call 905-623-5831 ext. 0, by Friday, November 1 at 4pm. Please contact us for any questions about accessibility accommodations.

Exhibitions on view

Visual Art Centre of Clarington | Trans/mission: Barley-Corn-Maize | 20 Jan to 17 Nov 2019

The Visual Art Centre of Clarington (VAC) operates out of a 1905 historic barley mill that once operated 24 hours a day. In the 1950s the mill closed its doors, and after functioning as a drop-in centre, it was repurposed into the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington in 1976. The VAC houses multiple working and exhibition spaces including a Loft Gallery. This attic space includes many features that offer clues to the building’s long history. 2019 marks the first time the VAC invites an artist to create an annual site-specific installation in the Loft Gallery that responds to the VAC’s site and history. Trans/mission: Barley-Corn-Maize is Ron Benner’s mixed-media installation in response to the mill as a producer of barley. Benner has devoted his artistic career to researching the economics of food and the impacts of contemporary industrialized food systems. His installations often offer visual accounts of his extensive investigation to trace back the root origin of our food and finding its migration rooted in colonialism and imperialism.

Visual Art Centre of Clarington | Waiting Outside Of My Hand | 8 Sept to 3 Nov 2019

Waiting Outside of My Hand explores Z’otz* Collective’s newest form of storytelling through the niche. A niche may be thought of as a recess or shadow box, to contain elements within a larger configuration. Using this as a point of departure, Z’otz* Collective produces contemporary niches in the form of boxes varying in size and strategically placed within a site-specific mural. Each niche serves as a container of juxtaposed items that together suggest a narrative, forming an interconnected network of stories. Comprised of Nahúm Flores, Erik Jerezano, and Ilyana Martínez, Z’otz* Collective have produced drawings, paintings, sculptures, and large scale murals since 2004. The exhibition also includes the collective’s works on paper and sculptures.

Station Gallery | Wasteland/Wanderland | 19 Oct to 8 Dec 2019

Wasteland/Wanderland is an immersive installation comprised of woodcut and linocut prints adhered to the gallery walls that depict children as the explorers of a beautiful, yet dystopian setting. Navigating a tangled landscape filled with genetically modified and invasive species, the figures are presented as both tenacious and vulnerable. Drawing upon archetypes from children’s literature, this narrative installation captures an experience of childhood as it relates to place: Place as geography, place within a family structure, and the interiority that forms one’s sense of identity.

Station Gallery | Vessels | 19 Oct to 8 Dec. 2019

Vessels is an exhibition of ceramic works by the late Marilyn Beaven Smith spanning her practice from the early 1970’s to 2018. This memorial exhibition honours a long-standing gallery patron and community artist. Together the pieces draw on common themes and subjects she readily explored such as place, landscape and nature to abstraction, colour and space.

Robert McLaughlin Gallery | Body Language | 21 Sept to 5 Jan 2020

Body language is comprised of all that is not said during a conversation. It is the intangible and subjective understanding of the expressions, gestures, intonations, temperaments, spatial configurations and feelings during an encounter with another that allow us to make sense of the experience. In much the same way, the works in this exhibition are about an intuitive understanding of another person’s experience and a desire for connection that exceeds the limits of language. Working collaboratively, Oshawa-based illustrator and artist Dani Crosby and London-based multi-media artist David Bobier each produced a new body of work that responds to personal stories of Durham residents.

Robert McLaughlin Gallery | Oshawa: A History of Local 222 | 4 Oct to 19 Jan 2019

For over 40 years, artists Carole Condé + Karl Beveridge have been creating urgent and insightful work that challenges the status quo and brings to light the important issues facing our time. With unwavering attention and unapologetic political analysis, Condé + Beveridge’s work continues to explore the social and environmental impacts of globalization, racial inequality, class struggle, gendered labour divisions, precarity, and the complex struggles of consensus building. In tandem to this practice, they have worked collaboratively with union members and fellow artists, bringing the labour movement and art world into dialogue and in doing so, have transformed them both. This exhibition presents the photo series Oshawa: A History of Local 222 (1982-83), a comprehensive body of work that traces the history of the autoworkers union in Oshawa from its formation in 1937 through to the mid-1980s. To produce the work, Condé + Beveridge spent two years interviewing and working with members of the Local 222 Retirees Committee. The resulting work, uses intricately staged tableaux to narrate the workers struggle from the perspective of women working in the plant and highlights gender-specific inequalities, including the fight for married women to be able to work and the inclusion of women in the union.

Image credits: (top) Ron Benner, Trans/mission: Barley-Corn-Maize, installed in the Loft Gallery of the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, 2019. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid. (bottom left) David Bobier, Transcommunicator I & II, mixed-media installation, 4’ x 4’ x 2’, 2019 installed at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, 2019. Courtesy of the artist. (bottom right) Laura Peturson, Wasteland/Wanderland, installed at the Station Gallery, Whitby, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.