Exploring the Film Process 2023 Workshop Series

Presented by the Lightproof Film Collective, admin@lightproof.ca
Three online workshops focused on DIY processes for filmmakers at all levels.

Image manipulation and cameraless animation techniques

Fee: $50
Workshop Dates: (This is a 2 day workshop)
Saturday, February 18, 2023 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST / Saturday, March 4, 2023 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST
Workshop spots available in person in Ottawa.
Instructor: Cooper

Workshop description: Participants will create a 16mm experimental film through manipulating the film’s image using common household ingredients, such as Fantastik cleaner, bleach and concentrated drink mixes. Participants will also learn how to add textures and alter the film’s images through baking the film in the oven. This class will also cover cameraless animation techniques, including painting on film, scratching on film and drawing on film. Participants will be given 16mm black and white found footage film as well as some 16mm clear leader to use to make their experimental film.

Package to be sent to participants: 100’ of 16mm found footage, 50’ 16mm clear leader, 100’ daylight spool.

Shopping list for participants: permanent markers, acrylic inks (colours of choice), stamps & stamp pads, small stickers, Fantastik, Bleach, Vaseline, molasses, tin foil, paint brushes, Q-tips, temporary tattoos, rubber gloves, red Koolaid concentrated drink mix, purple Koolaid drink mix, Blue Jelly Bean concentrated drink mix, Turmeric, 4 rubbermaid containers (8”X5”), oven cookie sheet.

Number of students: 12 participants virtual, 6 participants in person in Ottawa (location TBA).

Advance registration required for this workshop.

Cooper is an Ottawa-based media artist, their body of work includes films, HD videos, installations, and live performances. Cooper’s practice is heavily based on the technical aspects of the filmmaking process and they create their films using an array of techniques, including stop-motion, 2D & 3D animation, optical printing, film processing, and cinematography. Thematically Cooper’s films are a reflection of their memories and are drawn from life experiences. Cooper is an award-winning artist and their work has been presented at festivals and art galleries across Canada and internationally. thefilmscientist.ca

Make your own solderless microphone and noise-box

Fee: $40
Workshop date: Sunday, March 5, 2023 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST
Instructor: Dave Johnson

Workshop Description: Participants of this workshop will construct a microphone and a noise box to create experimental soundtracks! Participants will receive materials along with a small shopping list they need to purchase on their own before the workshop. Most items can be found at your local Dollar store.

Package to be sent to participants: 2x Piezo disc (pre-soldered), two options for cable (participant should specify 1/8 inch or ¼ inch) precut, stripped, and labeled, small springs, wood screws.

Shopping list for participants: Hot glue gun with glue, small amount of tin foil, a jar lid or other flat surface (to create the body of the mic), electrical tape, drill (optional), hammer, wooden box (Best results are about the size of a cigar box), Sound recording app installed on your phone, wire cutters.

No previous knowledge of sound recording or soldering electronics and wires required!

Virtual workshop only, max participants 10.

Advance registration required for this workshop.

Dave Johnson began his cinematic experience at film school in Regina where he experimented with emulsion-based film. After working in the film industry, he ended up in Australia teaching an alternative cinema class and screening Canadian films in local theaters. In 2008, he earned an MFA at Concordia University’s Hoppenheim School of Cinema. Since this time, Dave has been active in Ottawa’s film community where he was Vice president at The Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of Ottawa and later became the Technical Director. Currently, Dave’s artistic practice is based on experimenting with documentary forms, process cinema, expanded cinema and sound design. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and as a member of the Lightproof Film Collective.

16mm film bipacking & DIY contact printing

Fee: $40
Workshop Date: Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Workshop spots available in person in Ottawa.
Instructor: Matthieu Hallé

Workshop description: In this workshop the participants will learn to make their own 16mm film print using various DIY methods with a focus on using a Bolex camera with bipacked negative and print stock to make a contact print. Participants should ideally have access to a Bolex or similar 16mm film camera for this workshop and should have some negative film they’d like to try making a print of.

Package to be sent to participants: 50ft of 16mm b&w or colour print stock, daylight spool, and light filters. Also includes credit to have film developed at Niagara Custom Labs and film shipped back.

Number of participants: limited to 5 virtual and 5 participants in person in Ottawa (location TBA).

Advance registration required for this workshop.

Matthieu Hallé is a media artist interested in finding new uses for the technology used in filmmaking. His work includes experimental film and video, and performances using custom-made projection devices. Often, his work involves hybridizing analog and digital mediums, abstraction, and the use of organic materials. He has collaborated with many different improvising musicians who have complemented the spontaneity and chance elements within his own live moving-image performance works.

About the Lightproof Film Collective
The Lightproof Film Collective formed in January 2020 with the mandate to foster experimental film practices in Ottawa through the creation and presentation of works on celluloid. The collective consists of eight members, all practicing filmmakers: Nicole Blundell, Cooper, Pixie Cram, Bridget Farr, Paul Gordon, Matthieu Hallé, Dave Johnson, and Penny McCann. In coming together as a collective, the filmmakers seek to foster community, exchange knowledge, and illuminate the largely invisible practice of experimental filmmaking in Ottawa.

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