Ernest Daetwyler: The Boat Project/everythingwillbefine


Ernest Daetwyler, The Boat Project/everythingwillbefine. Photo: Judy Welsh

Cambridge Sculpture Garden presents
Ernest Daetwyler
The Boat Project/everythingwillbefine

On view now until spring 2022 at Grand Avenue South, Cambridge Ontario
Virtual opening performance on August 7, 2021, by harpist Leslie Shapiro @thenakedharpist

The mandate of the Cambridge Sculpture Garden is to increase an understanding of contemporary art through presentation and programming in an accessible and inviting garden setting. Currently featured on site is Ernest Daetwyler’s The Boat Project/everythingwillbefine; a two-year temporary installation. The sculpture is twenty-seven feet in length and sits adjacent to the Canada Trail that runs along the riverfront. This placement provides view of the river and of the Designated Historic Oak that shades the garden. The grand scale of the boat invites people to enter the vessel, interact and to participate in a conversation about humanity and what connects us as people, the elevation of materials, transformation, a connection to histories and renewal.

The Boat Project/everythingwillbefine is constructed in steel and driftwood collected on the shores of Lake Huron. The large boat relates to philosophical notions of passage or journey. The subtitle carries a message, “everything will be fine” that can be read in multiple ways alluding to something that might be encouraging or possibly being read as sarcastic. The artist became aware of this expression in Zurich, Switzerland as graffiti (Alles Wird Gut) on the roof of an occupied industrial building, in the nineties during a time when youth activist movements, demonstrations and interactions between the police and civilians were tense.

The sculptural work has a strong and silent presence. Through the scale, its universal content in the current context, the boat opens a dialogue that asks the viewer to ask questions about time, life in this society and its contemporary moment in a pandemic, memory, flux, uncertainty, and is therefore connecting to histories past and present.

The Cambridge Sculpture Garden has been developing and maintaining a public green space in the City of Cambridge as a sculpture garden since 2000. The Boat Project/everythingwillbefine, is in the company of permanent works on site including John Marriott’s Easy to Assemble, Andreas Gehr’s Twilight, Peter Bowyer’s Untitled steel structures, David Hind’s Silver Key and Gareth Lichty’s Gabion Tower.

This project is being launched in partnership with CAFKA, the Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area, a non-profit, artist run organization that presents a free biennial exhibition of contemporary art in public spaces. For more information on CAFKA programming this year, please visit

We are grateful to our donors and funding from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the government of Ontario, for supporting this current project and we look forward to welcoming you to the garden. We are open every day, all year long with night lighting and accessible pathways. Feel free to follow us on our webpage, and social media, Facebook, or Instagram @csonthegrand and the artist @ernestdaetwyler

Contact: Judy Major-Girardin, CSG Co-Chair