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The Liberal Education model at the University of Lethbridge produces creative explorers and innovative thinkers who will lead in a complex global world, enhancing student degree experiences.

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Shining Student Dominique Marcil.

Shining Fine Arts Student Dominique Marcil finds success through Liberal Education

Liberal Education is a community tradition at the University of Lethbridge and its philosophy guides the academic and research activities that enable our students to develop the skills to think critically and creatively, communicate clearly, work collaboratively, solve complex problems and contribute fully to society as engaged and informed global citizens and leaders.

Every ULethbridge student completes a Liberal Education requirement, which allows them to critically explore a wide range of academic fields, giving these students a competitive advantage to succeed in their chosen disciplines.

When Dominique Marcil was applying to post-secondary, she looked for a program that would give her an innovative and well-rounded education, and champion the values of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. She discovered this and more at ULethbridge.

Wanting to put her art skills to use in a career aspect, Dominique found a perfect fit in the Bachelor of Fine Arts – New Media program, as she was able to explore her interests all while being able to complete her degree requirements.

“I was able to complete independent studies that focused on autism in women, I got to learn about political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and it all counted towards my degree,” Dominique says.

“What I love about New Media is how vast it is. I’ve been able to learn many different things, from Photoshop to UX/UI design. It’s just been an incredible experience.”

Explore the interconnectivity between technology, art, industry and culture in the Department of New Media. Our programs combine professional-level technology with in-depth multidisciplinary artistic investigation, giving students unique experiential and work-integrated learning opportunities that positions them as change-makers, problem-solvers and future leaders.

New Media graduates are highly adaptable in a variety of work environments and emerging technologies. They go on to work in industries such as digital media production, digital marketing, video game development, film and television or the arts.

As part of ULethbridge’s Liberal Education philosophy, students take electives that complement their New Media course work and diversify their portfolios.

In the final year of the BFA – New Media program, students can choose either an industry internship or our advanced studio course. Each option provides particular benefits as they transition into a career or graduate studies.

For Dominique, pursuing New Media provides her with a comprehensive education where she is consistently learning something new every day.

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Dominique Marcil bikes at the River Bottom mountain bike park with the University of Lethbridge Science Commons Building in the background.

Why did you choose ULethbridge?

While deciding which post-secondary institution to attend, I kept in mind what I wanted to receive from my education. I wanted an education that was well-rounded, diverse and innovative. With the Liberal Education requirements, I was able to explore a wider range of subjects that interested me. This is why I chose ULethbridge for my BFA in New Media.

Tell us about your experiential or work-integrated learning.

In my independent study, I researched the emotional, career and personal instability that occurs with a lack of accessible resources for Autism Spectrum Disorder women and other neurodiverse individuals at a post-secondary level.

My three biggest takeaways from this research are:

1. How important accessible communities are for minority groups in places of education.
2. How vital it is to create positive and informative environments where people outside of these diverse groups feel safe enough to ask questions and learn about neurodiversity.
3. Accessible to one should mean accessible to all.

What is your most memorable ULethbridge experience so far?

I have had so many memorable experiences that to narrow it down would be nearly impossible. But, overall, I think my most memorable experience has been learning that there are people who will accept you for who you are. And that it is safe to be your best eccentric self, whatever that may look like for you.

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